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 THMA Consulting’s national team of expert clinical trainers medical aesthetics share a passion for teaching through comprehensive training and hands-on mentoring.  They are gifted injectors with decades of experience and thorough knowledge on the latest medical aesthetics products and techniques. Through these professionally certified nurses, program participants receive in-depth instruction in Foundation Courses and Supplementary Courses that can develop the skills and self-confidence required for safe, successful and ethical medical aesthetic practices.

Tracey Hotta - Thornhill, Ont.







Tracey is the director of THMA Consulting and owner of TH Medical Aesthetics in Thornhill, Ont. She began her nursing career in 1984 and has dedicated the past 28 years to the field of plastic surgical nursing. One of the first RN injectors in Canada Tracey is now a member of the prestigious Quarter Century Club of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario. Tracey is a respected advocate for patient safety and passionate about ensuring the highest quality of aesthetics education.

More About Tracey

 Tracey received a diploma from AJ MacMaster School of Nursing in 1984. She then completed her education at Ryerson University, graduating in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

Tracey’s Blog: Looking Back on Three Decades in Medical Aesthetics

In 1990, she was hired as the operating room manager at the Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Toronto. She worked with Dr. Wayne Carman for 15 years, developing an in-depth knowledge of plastic surgery procedures and aesthetic injection skills. This new field of nursing prompted Tracey to establish a training program for new injectors entering the field of medical aesthetics.

I’m proud of how many nurses are now choosing this as a career, and how many entrepreneurial medical professionals are creating and building their own successful practices today.” – Tracey Hotta

In 2005, Tracey joined Dr. Mitchell Brown at Toronto Plastic Surgery in Toronto as the patient educator for surgical patients. She also developed her own aesthetic injection practice.

Tracey opened her own aesthetic practice in 2014, just walking distance from her home in Thornhill.  She also drew from her teaching experience and practical experience to set up the THMA Preceptorship Program. Tracey has made sure the program ensures patient safety by maintaining high standards and professional ethics.

 Tracey lectures across North America on surgical and non-surgical plastic surgical procedures and has published several related articles. She is the current editor of the Plastic Surgical Nursing journal, an editor of the ISPAN (International Society of Plastic Aesthetic Nursing) Core Curriculum, and worked on the study guide for the CPSN (Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse) and CANS (Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist) certification exams.

Tracey is proud to be the past president of the ISPAN and a founding member for the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses (CSASN). She chaired a task force that developed the Standards and Guidelines for Aesthetic Nurse Injectors recognized by the Canadian Nurse Association.


Jeanine Harrison - Toronto


Jeanine has been a Registered Nursing professional for more than 25 years, a Nurse Practitioner for 18 years and is now a skilled nurse injector with her own clinic in Nobleton, Ont. With THMA Consulting, Jeanine is a One-on-One Mentor and expert trainer in the virtual and hands-on Foundation Courses. She also teaches Supplementary Courses in PRP Treatments, Deoxycholic Acid Treatments and The Role and Responsibilities of the Medical Director/AOA.

More About Jeanine

Jeanine’s nursing career began with a college diploma at St Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. While working as an RN, she attended McMaster University for a BScN and spent 12 years in the Cardiac ICU with a focus on the critical care of patients and their families.

“I love my job and the trusting relationship I develop with the nurses and physicians who come to us for training in medical aesthetics. We make a difference in their lives.” – Jeanine Harrison

She then became a Nurse Specialist in congenital cardiology at the University Health Network in Toronto, while attending University of Toronto to complete a Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner in 2001. Psychosocial adjustment and identity development was a large part of her position in the congenital cardiac team and she successfully initiated research and produced significant research outcomes in this area of practice.

With worldwide recognition as a NP, Jeanine contributed to the practice through extensive international speaking opportunities, peer reviewed publications and preceptorship/mentorship of NPs and Masters students with University of Toronto, UOIT and York University Nursing and Science programs.

An evolution of interest prompted her to train as a nurse injector and collaborate with the experts in the area of Nobleton Rejuvenation ClinicMedical Aesthetic clinical practice.

She holds membership with the College of Nurses of Ontario, RNAO, NPAO, CNA, ASLMS and the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses.

Jeanine career in medical aesthetics led her to establishing her own Nobleton Rejuvenation Clinic.  She is also been a skilled injector and onsite medical director with Tracey at TH Medical Aesthetics.

Tracey’s Blog has the story on when the two nurses met, and how Jeanine convinced Tracey to start THMA Consulting.


Jacklyn Sudetic - Toronto, Ont.


Jacklyn is a Registered Nurse and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with 10 years experience as a cosmetics nurse injector. Besides her skilled clinical work in advanced aesthetic procedures, she has also managed more than 30 staff members, including physicians, nurses and technicians. Jacklyn’s practical and organizational skills give her the qualified ability to work closely with clients in THMA Consulting’s Hands-on Mentoring course.

More About Jacklyn

Jacklyn began her career as a medical aesthetician in Mississauga in 2008 while attending Sheridan College to earn a diploma as Registered Nurse. She would continue her post-secondary education with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at McMaster University.

“Blending the art of beauty with the science of facial aesthetics is my professional passion. I’m thrilled to be in a position now to use my experience in surgical and non-surgical procedures to guide training and mentoring of safe and effective injectable treatments.” – Jacklyn Sudetic

She has trained extensively to enhance her nursing and medical aesthetic skills. That includes her CANS certification as well as courses in Canadian Laser Safety, Bellafill Training, Cadaver Dissection and MD Codes.

As an advanced nurse injector in Dr. Philip Solomon’s surgery centre in Thornhill, Jacklyn has specialized laser resurfacing, micro-needling, pan-facial volumization, acne scar reduction, neck fat reduction and injections of neurotoxin and hyaluronic acid fillers. She is expertly qualified to administer cosmetic injections using both a needle and a cannula.

Tracey’s Blog: Jacklyn Sudetic Makes a Hands-on Awesome Addition to Our Team

While honing those skills, Jacklyn worked earlier in her career as an RPN in the emergency departments of the Scarborough General Hospital and the Milton District Hospital, demonstrating proficiency in working with patients, families and healthcare teams.


Corey Akisanya - Ottawa


With 10 years of nursing experience, and only a year after becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Corey successfully completed the Foundations Courses training with THMA Consulting. He would follow that up with our Supplementary Course in the Role and Responsibilities of the Medical Director/AOA. Corey is now a skilled injector and medical director in Ottawa, and is the regional mentor at the THMA Consulting clinic in Ottawa.

More About Corey

Corey is very professional and pays attention to detail. He has excellent assessment skills, a keen aesthetic eye and a great personality, too.

He is now proprietor of Akisanya Health and Medical Aesthetics Inc. and the Medical Director of Westboro Spa in Ottawa.

“We all strive for excellence. And speaking from personal experience, its very important to have the kind of training, guidance and mentoring that THMA Consulting offers.” – Corey Akisanya


Tambra Tufford - Oakville, Ont.


Tambra has been a Registered Nurse since graduating from McMaster University with her BSN in 2003.  Tambra has devoted more than 12 years to the field of medical aesthetics in two plastic surgery clinics and her own Tufford Medical Aesthetics Clinic. Working as a consultant for Clarion Medical, she has also trained other clinicians in medical aesthetics. Tambra brings to THMA Consulting all that experience plus strong core values in patient health, safety and compassion.

More About Tambra

Since graduation, Tambra has worked in the emergency departments of the Hamilton General Hospital (2003 – 2007) and Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in Burlington, Ont. (2007-2019),  providing competent and compassionate nursing care to a diverse population of all ages.

While responsible for critical assessments and thinking, Tambra also developed nursing skills to other areas of health care, such as  telemetry, phlebotomy, mental health nursing, triaging, record keeping and advanced cardiac life support skills.

“Whether it’s a patient or a trainee, I like making people feel good by turning insecurities into positives and improving their self-esteem. I think its important for even the most experienced injectors to continue to learn and grow.” – Tambra Tufford

Tambra entered the medical aesthetics field in 2008 with Oakville, Ont., plastic surgeon Dr. Nancy de Kleer in Oakville.  More recently she has worked with plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Weiglein in Burlington, Ont., doing consultations and assessments, administering neurotoxins, dermal fillers and Belkyra while performing micro-needling, Coolscultping and laser treatments.

Her expertise led to a current clinical aesthetics training position with Clarion Medical Technologies. Her various responsibilities include product training for clinicians and other professionals, and the establishment and maintenance of training material and programs.

In November 2019, Tambra confidently went into the medical aesthetics business for herself with the opening of Tufford Medical Aesthetics in Oakville. Her website describes her passion for her work.

Tracey’s Blog: Tambra Tufford Takes One-on-One Mentoring in a New Direction

Tambra’s training has also included Foundation Courses with THMA Consulting, various medical aesthetics symposiums and webinars, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification, CPR, ECG and personal fitness certification.

Tambra is a member in good standing with The College of Nurses of Ontario, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, The Canadian Nurses Association and the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses.


Angela Haff - Vancouver


Angela has been a nurse for 40 years with a strong background in clinical nursing and sales management. She has 30 years experience in medical aesthetics and has earned a respected reputation for her injection skills and focus on safety. Angela’s expertise and experience gave her the necessary tools to facilitate a comprehensive approach to train nurses and physicians in Hyaluronic Acid products and Neuromodulators.

More About Angela

Angela is an RN Associate and Aesthetics Specialist at Project Skin MD in Vancouver. She provides filler and neuromodulator procedures for aesthetics treatments and performs medical indications in migraine, hyperhidrosis and pain management.

“The industry is the most fun you can have in medicine. But it is dynamic, always changing, and that creates a huge need for education through comprehensive training and ongoing mentoring at THMA Consulting.” – Angela Haff

The Project Skin MD team page describes Angela as having “a legendary reputation in the aesthetics industry (who) comes by her fame honestly.”

Angela’s experience led to a role as clinical nurse specialist for the original Restylane® team in Canada. She educated and trained many of Canada’s top physicians and nurses. That position would eventually develop into training and regional sales management for Medicis Aesthetics.

Angela’s experience has given her a valuable understanding of the importance of ethics and responsibility in aesthetic medicine.

B.C. Nurses Take Leading Role in THMA Consulting Training

With THMA Consulting, Angela will provide expert medical aesthetics training to nurses and physicians who are completing their Foundation Courses with hands-on mentoring and practical learning.


Kathryn Woodcock - Vancouver


Kathryn has more than 35 years of diverse health care experience. She has been providing both cosmetic and therapeutic Neuromodulator treatments to patients since obtaining her certificate in the Cosmetic Use of Botox from UBC Dermatology in 2001.  Kathryn has  been injecting dermal fillers since 2003, preceptoring with many of the top Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and GP’s across Canada.

More About Kathryn

Kathryn is a Principal at Inclusive Clinical Solutions in Vancouver, providing physicians, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies with clinical and business solutions.

She is dedicated to the pursuit of education and has worked as a national trainer teaching Physicians and RNs in basic and advanced injection techniques.

“The evolving component to the THMA Consulting program appeals to new and experienced injectors who can grow successful practices through these excellent courses, the ongoing mentoring and the continuous education.” – Kathryn Woodcock

A founding member and current executive of the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses, Kathryn has published in IPSAN journal and speaks frequently at national meetings.

Kathryn is a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS) who has attended advanced technique courses in Canada, London, Paris, Monaco, and USA. Working as a clinical trainer and educator for a leading medical technology distributor for five years has provided Kathryn with extensive knowledge of cosmetic lasers, light based and radio frequency devices, contour threads, dermal fillers and cosmeceuticals.

B.C. Nurses Take Leading Role in THMA Consulting Training

Kathryn  has obtained additional degrees and certificates in Business, Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC), Health Care Administration, Leadership, Cosmetic Chemistry (UCLA), and Fine Art.  She has received formal training with ASLMS training institute, Lumenis, Reliant, Thermage, Sciton, Zeltiq, ACE Academy and PDT. She has attended Allergan and Merz Nurse meetings, and AMWC in Monaco.


Aundrea Ritchie - Halifax


Aundrea has been a nurse for 10 years and in medical aesthetics for nine years. She is a certified Nursing Aesthetic Specialist and is now enrolled in a Masters program for Nurse Practitioners. Aundrea is based in Halifax and is licensed to provide injection training for THMA Consulting in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

More About Aundrea

Aundrea is a medical aesthetics injector at Vitality Medi-Spa in Halifax. She knows first-hand about the anxieties of starting out in medical aesthetics, so now gets great personal satisfaction in helping others gain confidence in their abilities through in-depth training.

Patient safety is always our number one concern as injectors. We want to make sure we get best results in safest way possible. That is reflected through the THMA Consulting training program.” – Aundrea Ritchie

Aundrea is licensed to train and mentor in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and can provide hands-on instruction for medical professions from P.E.I. and Newfoundland who can travel to Halifax.


Jessica Jacob - Winnipeg


Jess graduated with a nursing degree 10 years ago and the Nurse Practitioner program in 2017. She was a pediatric nurse before moving into medical aesthetics. Jess was one of the first to train with THMA Consulting, travelling all the way from Winnipeg to Toronto in 2018 to successfully complete Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics.

More About Jess

Owner of  Jess Jacob Medical Aesthetics in Winnipeg, Jess provides expert training in Course 4: Practical Training and Hands-on Mentoring for THMA Consulting clients in Manitoba.

“I love teaching people and watching their faces when they inject and see the results of their education and the training all coming together.  It’s great to see someone so excited about taking our program.” – Jess Jacob

Jess is also available for One-on-One Mentoring for new and experienced medical aesthetics practitioners who wish to hone skills or augment practices.


Erin Talbot - Calgary


With over 17 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Erin Talbot is known for her passionate drive and caring nature. Her interest in medical aesthetics and love of helping people led her to co-found Perfexion Boutique Medical Spa. Constantly seeking to improve the scope of skin care in Canada, Erin is dedicated to educating fellow physicians and nurses on the most current techniques and cosmetic practices.

More About Erin

Having previously been a part of the ALLERGAN Canada as a Botox/Juvederm Representative, Erin worked closely with some of the best Aesthetic, Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeons in the country.

Erin believes in the power of individualized, custom skin care treatments to produce long-lasting, natural beauty results. She has specialized in:

  • Completion of Botox Cosmetic Advanced Techniques
  • Completion of Juvederm Classic Treatment Areas
  • Completion of New Apeel/Diamondtome Certification

Erin is also a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses, the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses as well as the Alberta Society of Aesthetic Speciality Nurses.

“I’m excited to be part of this program. It’s really heart warming to assist participants with their skills and competencies. There are now so many doors they can open with the training that THMA Consulting can offer.” – Erin Talbot

For THMA Consulting, Erin will will train medical professionals in Foundation Course 4: Practical Training and Hands-on Mentoring. She is also available for One-on-One Mentoring for honing or enhancing skill development.


Colleen White - Kingston


Colleen brings extensive experience in medical aesthetics nursing and teaching to THMA Consulting. She is a Nurse Practitioner with the Upper Canada Family Health Team in Kingston while also working at Queen’s University as a program coordinator and instructor in the School Of Nursing. Her clinical skills and education leadership provide Colleen with high comfort levels in mentoring nursing colleagues.

More About Colleen

Colleen is the proprietor and lead practitioner at Glow Skincare Co. in Kingston. This facility also serves as a training centre and bridging clinic for THMA Consulting participants.

Colleen graduated from Queen’s with a BScN in 2001 and would return to get her Masters in 2008. That education kick-started a career in nursing that would take her into family medicine, medical aesthetics, and then back to Queen’s as a PHC-NP Course Instructor and program leader.

Colleen has thrived in fast-paced, high-volume work
environments, and always in accordance with professional and ethical standards and strict attention to patient safety.

The key to good nursing from Colleen perspective is in critically appraising and applying relevant research, best practice guidelines and theory when providing health-care services. Education opens an ability to identify and implement research-based innovations for improving patient care.

Colleen’s leadership in clinical care gives her with the resources to succeed as an educator, role model and mentor to nursing colleagues and students. She also takes a strong and active role in the development and integration of the Nurse Practitioner role within the health-care system.

Colleen’s well-rounded experience, attention to detail and superb communications skills will greatly benefit the nurses and physicians taking THMA Consulting training and mentoring in Kingston.