THMA Consulting Trainers

Experienced, Proficient, Caring

 THMA Consulting’s Clinical Trainers share a passion for medical aesthetics and teaching.  These are gifted injectors with decades of experience and thorough knowledge of the latest medical aesthetics products and techniques. The team provides program participants all across Canada with top-quality, comprehensive training and personal mentoring to develop the skills and self-confidence required for safe, successful and ethical medical aesthetic practices.


Tracey Hotta - THMA Consulting CEO


Tracey began her nursing career in 1984 and has dedicated her past 28 years to practicing in and advancing the field of medical aesthetics. One of the first RN injectors in Canada, Tracey is now a member of the prestigious Quarter Century Club of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario. Tracey is a respected advocate for patient safety and passionate about ensuring the highest quality of aesthetics education. Her high standards and values are reflected in the THMA Consulting training program and her national team of expert clinical trainers.

More About Tracey

 Tracey received a diploma from AJ MacMaster School of Nursing in 1984. She then completed her education at Ryerson University, graduating in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

Tracey’s Blog: Looking Back on Three Decades in Medical Aesthetics

In 1990, she was hired as the operating room manager at the Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Toronto. She worked with Dr. Wayne Carman for 15 years, developing an in-depth knowledge of plastic surgery procedures and aesthetic injection skills. This new field of nursing prompted Tracey to establish a training program for new injectors entering the field of medical aesthetics.

I’m proud of how many nurses are now choosing this as a career, and how many entrepreneurial medical professionals are creating and building their own successful practices today.” – Tracey Hotta

In 2005, Tracey joined Dr. Mitchell Brown at Toronto Plastic Surgery in Toronto as the patient educator for surgical patients. She also developed her own aesthetic injection practice.

Tracey opened her own aesthetic practice in 2014, just walking distance from her home in Thornhill.  She also drew from her teaching experience and practical experience to set up the THMA Preceptorship Program. Tracey has made sure the program ensures patient safety by maintaining high standards and professional ethics.

 Tracey lectures across North America on surgical and non-surgical plastic surgical procedures and has published several related articles. She is the current editor of the Plastic Surgical Nursing journal, an editor of the ISPAN (International Society of Plastic Aesthetic Nursing) Core Curriculum, and worked on the study guide for the CPSN (Certified Plastic Surgical Nurse) and CANS (Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist) certification exams.

Tracey is proud to be the past president of the ISPAN and a founding member for the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses (CSASN). She chaired a task force that developed the Standards and Guidelines for Aesthetic Nurse Injectors recognized by the Canadian Nurse Association.


Niala Kalliecharan - Markham, ON


Niala is an accomplished Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of nursing experience, and the CEO of Timeless Medical Aesthetics which serves as THMA Consulting national training centre. Niala provides expert clinical training in Foundation Course 3: Business Ethics, and Supplementary Courses in PRP and DA Treatments.

More About Niala

Niala graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University with her BScN, following that with a Masters in Nursing in the Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Toronto. Her NP career in the Cardiac Surgery Program at the Southlake Regional Health Centre culminated in her promotion to Manager of Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Programs at Southlake.

From establishing and improving hospital protocols to giving national level lectures in the field of cardiac care, her approach has always been focused on delivering excellence in patient centered care. She brought that compassion for professional care to the field of medical aesthetics when Niala opened her Timeless Medical Aesthetics clinic in January 2021.

We are not just people in white nursing outfits looking cute. We are experts, a group of people well educated, with great skills and intentions. We are healthcare leaders.” – Niala Kalliecharan 

Niala leads training workshops at Timeless in Deoxycholic Acid and Platelet-Rich Plasma treatmentsIf nothing else, she says, providers should invest in the increasingly popular PRP on their professional portfolios.  With her management background and entrepreneurial smarts, Niala is the perfect trainer for Foundation Course 3: Business Ethics & Professional Standards.

Blog: Niala Raises the Bar on Medical Aesthetics

Niala’s caring and compassionate manner is complemented by her exceptional communication skills, allowing an ongoing therapeutic relationship with both patients and training clients.


Gina Maalouf - Markham, ON


Gina has in nursing for over 25 years, with a good portion of her early career spent in the ICU at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. She is now the owner/injector at Omorphi Aesthetics in Oshawa. In Markham, she does Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training and leads workshops in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements.

More About Gina

Gina has always had an eye for beauty and medical aesthetics, even while working for years in the ICU at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. She also worked as a PACU RN at St. Mike’s and Lakeridge Health in Oshawa.

She took training with THMA Consulting, bringing a deep desire for learning and patient care to the courses. In 2020 took the full plunge into a new career with the opening of her own clinic at at Omorphi Aesthetics in Oshawa.

Tracey’s Blog: Gina Has an Eye for Excellence

As a trainer now, particularly in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancement workshops , Gina brings the same practice ethics and philosophy that she takes pride in in her clinical practice.

“You have to pay attention to detail and focus on a natural look. Anybody can put a filler in someone’s lips, but it’s the knowledge you have and your ability to see what needs to be done that will produce desirable results.”

Training in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements with Gina at Timeless Medical Aesthetics will take place on the 3rd Friday of every month. Register Here


Amanda Bastedo - Ottawa, ON


Amanda has been a RN for 14 years. Her experience has spanned over areas of care in emergency, critical care and cardiology. She has taught at Algonquin College and trained with THMA Consulting. In 2018, Amanda and fellow THMA member Corey Akisanya opened Skin Logic Ottawa, a local medical aesthetics clinic.

More About Amanda

Amanda graduated from the BScN program at Trent University in 2007. She is currenting taking her Masters of Nursing and Nurse Practitioner student at Athabasca University.

Her early nursing experience included work in ER, ICU and Cardiology. She began pursuing a career in medical aesthetics when she enrolled in Foundation Courses training with THMA Consulting in 2018. She is now a regional trainer and mentor for THMA at Skin Logic in Ottawa.

“I love medical aesthetics as it couples beauty and science. I hope to help people recognise this through my training work.” – Amanda Bastedo

Skin Logic serves as a THMA Consulting Training Centre and Bridging Clinic. Amanda provides expert training in Foundation Course 4 and One-on-One Mentoring. He is also the online instructor on the Supplementary Course in IV Vitamin Infusion Treatments.

Medical Aesthetics Training in Ottawa is a Capital Plan


Corey Akisanya - Ottawa, ON


Corey touches all the bases when it comes to clinical expertise, including 10 years of nursing and teaching experience. A year after becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Corey completed Foundation Courses training with THMA Consulting. He is now co-owner of Skin Logic Ottawa medical aesthetics clinic and a trusted THMA Consulting trainer.

More About Corey

Corey graduated with a Baccalaureate in Nursing from the University of Manitoba in 2011. He completed his post-secondary education in 2018 and became a Nurse Practitioners with a Masters in Nursing from Athabaska University. Corey is licensed to practice in both Ontario and Alberta.

In 2013, Corey began lecturing at Algonquin College in Ottawa and continues to instruct nursing students how to perform clinical duties. In the field, Corey has provided primary nursing care at the Somerset West Community Health Centre and the Ottawa Newcomer Health Centre. He has also been a care facilitator in the emergency department of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Corey’s introduction to medical aesthetics came after he volunteered to be the patient/model for Jessica Jacob, who was training with THMA Consulting in Toronto. As he says in Tracey’s Blog on Corey’s Confidence in Starting a New Practice, he knew at that time he wanted a career in this field, too. So, he registered for and completed his Foundation Courses training in 2019.

“We all strive for excellence. And speaking from personal experience, its very important to have the kind of training, guidance and mentoring that THMA Consulting offers.” – Corey Akisanya

Corey immediately demonstrated excellent assessment skills and a keen aesthetic eye. He is now proprietor of Skin Logic Ottawa, 11 Holland Ave., in Ottawa.

Corey’s professional skills, winning personality and teaching background made him a natural fit on the THMA Consulting national team of expert clinical trainers.

Skin Logic serves as a THMA Consulting Training Centre and Bridging Clinic. Corey provides expert training in Foundation Course 4:Hands-on Training, and leads Supplementary workshops in Sclerotherapy, PRP and the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements.  He is also the online trainer in IV Vitamin Infusion Treatments.

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Jacklyn Sudetic - Oakville ON


Jacklyn is a Registered Nurse with more than 12 years experience as an aesthetics nurse injector. Jacklyn is the co-owner of Distinct Medical Aesthetics in Oakville, Ont.  Jacklyn’s practical and organizational skills give her the expertise to work professionally with clients in THMA  training.

More About Amanda

Jacklyn began her career as a medical aesthetician in Mississauga in 2008 while attending Sheridan College to earn a diploma as Registered Nurse. She would continue her post-secondary education with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at McMaster University.

“Blending the art of beauty with the science of facial aesthetics is my professional passion. I’m thrilled to be in a position now to use my experience in surgical and non-surgical procedures to guide training and mentoring of safe and effective injectable treatments.” – Jacklyn Sudetic

She has trained extensively to enhance her nursing and medical aesthetic skills. That includes her CANS certification as well as courses in Canadian Laser Safety, Bellafill Training, Cadaver Dissection and MD Codes.

As an advanced nurse injector in Dr. Philip Solomon’s surgery centre in Thornhill, Jacklyn has specialized laser resurfacing, micro-needling, pan-facial volumization, acne scar reduction, neck fat reduction and injections of neurotoxin and hyaluronic acid fillers. She is expertly qualified to administer cosmetic injections using both a needle and a cannula.

Tracey’s Blog: Jacklyn Sudetic Makes a Hands-on Awesome Addition to Our Team

While honing those skills, Jacklyn worked earlier in her career as an RPN in the emergency departments of the Scarborough General Hospital and the Milton District Hospital, demonstrating proficiency in working with patients, families and healthcare teams.

Jacklyn and her medical director Mara Langevin NP opened their own clinic in Oakville in 2021. Read Tracey’s Blog on Jacklyn returning home to practice.

Distinct Medical Aesthetics also serves as a THMA Consulting training centre and bridging clinic where Jacklyn as an expert clinical trainer will do Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training and One-on-One Mentoring.


Mara Langevin - Oakville ON


Mara is the co-founder, aesthetics injector and Authorized Prescriber at Distinct Medical Aesthetics. The University of Toronto nursing graduate will be doing THMA Mentoring and assist Distinct co-owner Jacklyn Sudetic with Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training for THMA.

More About Mara

Following years in a critical care role as an RN, Mara pursued graduate studies at the University of Toronto, completing a Master’s in Nursing, and Nurse Practitioner designation in 2008. Over the years she has accrued vast clinical experience in the Nurse Practitioner role while exploring her passion for medical aesthetics.

She has completed numerous training programs and worked alongside a craniofacial plastic surgeon where she learned an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy and its relationship to medical aesthetics. She has specialty training in the use of therapeutic and cosmetic neuromodulators, dermal fillers, PRP, laser technologies, and the latest advancements in skincare.

In 2020 Mara trained in the THMA virtual Supplementary Course, Authorized Prescriber in a Collaborative Practice.

“It’s crucial to be well informed on all expectations and well versed on the responsibilities everyone has in a collaborative working relationship in medical aesthetics.”

It was through THMA Consulting that Mara and Jacklyn Sudetic, also a THMA clinical trainer, first met and forged a business partnership. The two nurses co-founded Distinct Medical Aesthetics in 2021. 


Dayna Nicholson - Windsor, ON


Dayna Nicholson’s professional experience began in 2011. She is now a Nurse Practitioner and Aesthetic Injector at Estetica Day Spa in Windsor. For THMA Consulting, Dayna will provide professional training in Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training as well as One-on-One Mentoring for injectors looking to augment skills.

More About Dayna

Dayna  graduated from the University of Windsor with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010 and her Masters in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner in 2019. Licensed with the College of Nurses of Ontario and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, Dayna has worked in hospital and care facilities in Ontario and Michigan.

She received CNA-accredited training in THMA Consulting Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics in January 2021. She immediately began work as a nurse injector and Authorized Prescriber at Estetica Day Spa in Windsor. Her exemplary work would lead to her joining THMA Consulting’s national team of clinical trainers.

At Estetica, Dayna will teach Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training, lead workshops in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements, and provide Peer-to-Peer Mentoring to professional providers looking to augment their medical aesthetics skills.

Dayna’s goal in training is to share her expertise and artistic eye with other qualified health professionals who are equally passionate about medical aesthetics and making patients feel good and feel better.


Jessica Jacob - Winnipeg, MB


Jess graduated with a nursing degree 10 years ago and the Nurse Practitioner program in 2017. She was a pediatric nurse before moving into medical aesthetics. Proprietor of  Jess Jacob Medical Aesthetics in Winnipeg, Jess provides expert clinical training in Course 4: Hands-on Training for THMA Consulting clients in Manitoba.

More About Jess

Jess was one of the first nurses to train with THMA Consulting, travelling all the way from Winnipeg to Toronto in 2018 to successfully complete Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics.

“I love teaching people and watching their faces when they inject and see the results of their education and the training all coming together.  It’s great to see someone so excited about taking our program.” – Jess Jacob

Jess is also available for One-on-One Mentoring for new and experienced medical aesthetics practitioners who wish to hone skills or augment practices.

Jessica is the owner of The Injection Nurse, a non-surgical medical aesthetics practice based out of Winnipeg. The clinic is a THMA Consulting training centre and bridging clinic.

On her website, Jess says her love of medical aesthetics began as a teenager, and continued as her nursing career allowed her to experience many of the latest industry innovations and products first-hand.

“As a nurse practitioner and skincare specialist, Jess offers each of her cosmetic patients a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and personal attention.

Jess’ commitment to continuing education and professional development, combined with her personable demeanor and medical fortitude, allow her to gain a thorough understanding of her patient’s beauty and skincare goals and the best options available to achieve their desired results.”



Dr. Kelley Wright - Barrie, ON


Kelley has been practicing family medicine in Simcoe County since 1999.  Her community-based practice is affiliated with the Barrie Family Health Team and she is the Authorized Prescriber of several Long Term Care facilities. Kelley is the owner and THMA Consulting trainer at her 413 Medical Aesthetics in Barrie.

More About Dr. Wright

Formerly in the Canadian Armed Forces, she practiced as a Medical Officer at Base Borden until her retirement from the military in 2003.  Kelley has a family practice with a Certificate of Added Competency in Care of the Elderly.

Although not initially drawn to medical aesthetics, Kelley came to empathize with the physical and emotional effects that the passage of time has on all of us. Most of her patients were women in their 40s and 50s who had raised their families and were looking for a new lease on life. The transition to medical aesthetics was a natural one for this mother of two adult children.

THMA Consulting is an elite training and consulting company in this industry with a great reputation. We share the same commitment to excellence and high ethical standards.” Dr. Kelley Wright

Kelley and her husband Michael Peirone will now team up to provide Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training and One-on-One Mentoring from their clinic in Barrie. 413 Medical Aesthetics will also serve as a THMA Consulting Bridging Clinic where member injectors can enhance skills and provide services to their own patients.

Kelley and Michael are a Perfect Fit for Training in Barrie

Kelley is a competitive body builder with the Canadian Physique Alliance. Aging positively in all aspects of health, including aesthetics, is a passion for her, and she is excited to show training participants how the restoration of a youthful appearance can enhance people’s lives.


Michael Peirone - Barrie, ON


Michael is a graduate of the inaugeral Physician Assistant Education Program at McMaster University.  He taught in that program for a few years while working in emergency and geriatric medicine. Michael’s interest in medical aesthetics led him to THMA Consulting for training, and a practice at 413 Medical Aesthetics in Barrie.

More About Michael

Having experience in commercial design, and a passion for fitness and competitive bodybuilding, Michael has a unique appreciation for both aesthetics and science, and is passionate about the way they compliment and intersect in the field of cosmetic medicine.

“A commitment to patient safety with the highest standards of medicine in professional business practices –  these are all things we strive to achieve in our medical practices and aesthetics training.” – Michael Peirone

He and his wife Dr. Kelley Wright took the THMA Consulting Foundation Courses in 2019, and from the beginning they had a goal to open their own medical aesthetics practice in Barrie.

Power Couple Builds a Strong Practice in Medical Aesthetics

Always eager to continuing learning, the married professionals have taken most every Supplementary Course we have to offer, and have attended many of our Professional Develop Symposiums and Virtual Presentations.

Kelley and Michael’s reputation and addition to the team is great news for nurses and physicians from the Barrie area who want high-quality training in medical aesthetics.


Melissa Brabant - Halifax, NS


Melissa is a respected aesthetics injector with “an artistic eye and a caring approach” in Halifax. Demonstrating a passion for teaching others about her beloved profession, the Dartmouth nurse excels at Foundation Course 4 Hands-on Training and THMA Mentoring.

More About Melissa

Stay by. More on Melissa to come!


Jackie Connors - St. John's, NL


Jackie Connors is a true pioneer in the field of medical aesthetics. The registered nurse was hired in 1999 to work for the only medical clinic to offer Botox treatments in Newfoundland at that time. Since 20024 she has been a full-time nursing director and injector at Landells Clinic in St. John’s.

More About Jackie

Jackie’s passion for medical aesthetics stems from the fact she has enjoyed this field of nursing every day of her more than 20 years in the profession.

That experience and her respected abilities made her the first choice for an expert clinical trainer in Newfoundland.

“It’s a privilege to be part of this extraordinary team of medical professionals. I’m super excited to be bringing my experience and love of the job to my new training position.” – Jackie Connors

Jackie graduated with her BScN in 1995 and worked in hospital ERs about 6 years. in 1999 she was hired on a part-time basis at The Landells Clinic, where dermatologist Dr. Ian Landells was the first in the province to do Botox.

Jackie says she was always interested in beauty and cosmetics, and that’s what drew her to Landells initially. She started doing laser hair removal a half day a week on Fridays. Demand and the business grew rapidly, creating a full-time position for Jackie. She has been the Nursing Director for The Landells Clinic since 2004.

Jackie has trained with industry reps and THMA Consulting. She will now be doing Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training for THMA Consulting.

Top Quality Training in Medical Aesthetics Comes to Newfoundland


Brandy Donald - Miramichi NB


Brandy Donald has been in nursing for more than 25 years. A NP with a family/all ages practice at Miramichi Health Center since 2008, Brandy has long had a passion for women’s health, wellness and beauty. She now owns her own medical aesthetics clinic in Miramichi and is THMA Consulting’s lead trainer in New Brunswick.

More About Brandy

Brandy graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 1998 from UNB Fredericton. She worked for 10 years as a RN in the CCU department of the hospital in Miramichi before returning to UNB for her Masters
degree in Nursing – Nurse Practitioner in 2007. I have been a NP with a family/all ages practice at
Miramichi Health Center since 2018.

During that time, Brandy also owned her own consulting company. She provided clients with guidance on nutrition, healthy lifestyles and physical wellness. She had a serious interest in medical aesthetics for years, then jumped at the opportunity when NB added this scope of practice to Nurse Practitioner standards. She trained with THMA Consulting and launched her career in medical aesthetics as both an NP injector and Authorized Provider (or Medical Director) at a local medi-spa in Miramichi.

“After a long and winding road with 25 years in primary care, I said ‘hey, I can do this!’ I knew this was the direction I wanted to go.”

In March of 2022 Brandy joined THMA Consulting as the lead trainer in New Brunswick. Two months later, she and long-time colleague Kelly Whalen opened Luxe Medical Aesthetics in Miramichi as a first step towards an independent career. Luxe will serve as a THMA Consulting regional training centre for Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training and Supplementary Course workshops in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements.

Brandy understands a woman’s desire to feel and look her best, with that strong connection between self-
confidence and mental health. Her nursing background and drive to be best in practice and training will serve patients and clients well. “I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds!”

Blog: Talent and a Can-Do Attitude Drives Brandy to Leadership Roles in Medical Aesthetics


Kelly Whalen - Miramichi NB


Kelly has a 34-year background in nursing, taking great pride in ensuring client safety and care by maintaining high nursing standards and professional ethics. Kelly is a highly qualified registered nurse and certified medical aesthetics nurse injector. She is an injector and trainer at Luxe Medical Aesthetics in Miramichi.

More About Kelly

Kelly lists her priorities as a nurse injector and trainer are to make sure her client’s needs are understood, that they are educated fully and have the information needed to have confidence in themselves and their decisions regarding treatments. 

“My aim is boost self-esteem through comprehensive training  in the use of medical aesthetic treatments.”

Kelly is co-owner of LUXE Medical Aesthetics in Miramichi. She and Brandy Donald NP are also certified trainers for THMA, providing education and skills for participants in Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training and the Supplementary Course workshop on the Art and Science of Lip Enhancement course for the Maritime region.


Stephanie MacDonald - Charlottetown PEI


Stephanie MacDonald NP has over 14 years of nursing experience and completed her medical aesthetics training through THMA Consulting in 2019. She has been providing medical aesthetic services in Prince Edward Island for the past three years through her own company Beauty Mark Medaesthetics Inc.

More About Stephanie

Stephanie graduated with her nursing degree from St. Francis Xavier University in 2009, then  completed her Master’s Degree in Nursing – Nurse Practitioner from Dalhousie University in 2019. Her nursing background includes emergency nursing and remote Northern nursing. She has worked since 2018 as a Nurse Practitioner in primary care and medical aesthetics.

Stephanie says she always had a passion for health and beauty and developed an interest in medical aesthetics early on in her nursing career.

“I was looking for a training program that was evidence-based, with emphasis on safe, clinical practice, and supported ongoing mentoring and education. I took advantage of an opportunity to enroll in the Foundation Courses with THMA Consulting in Halifax in 2019. I come from a family of entrepreneurs in PEI. It’s in my blood. I love that I can combine that healthcare and aesthetics side with the business side of this. It has been an amazing journey and I am thrilled to join this amazing team at THMA Consulting.”

She started Beauty Mark Medaesthetics in 2020 and incorporated the business in 2021. She practices medical aesthetics in Charlottetown at Youthful You Medaesthetics and Grand Senses Spa.

Tracey’s Blog – Stephanie MacDonald: Islander, Entrepreneur, Trainer

Stephanie believes that patients value the time to explain products, procedures, realistic outcomes and risks with aesthetics treatments. She is bringing that same attention to detail to THMA Consulting in Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training and in Peer-to-Peer Mentoring.

Outside of work, Stephanie likes traveling, spending time with family and friends and enjoying the beautiful PEI beaches.


Yvonne Salter - Antigonish NS


Yvonne is a nurse practitioner, certified aesthetics injector and Authorized Prescriber in medical aesthetics. Her nursing background includes both ICU and ER. Yvonne did her CNA-accredited medical aesthetics training with THMA Consulting. She is now on the THMA training team in Nova Scotia.

More About Yvonne

Yvonne graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, then from Athabasca University in 2018 with a Masters in Nursing. She currently works in primary healthcare as a nurse practitioner with the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia, but has a real passion for medical aesthetics.

Whether in clinical practice with Nurse Yvonne Aesthetics in Antigonish or in training for THMA Consulting, Yvonne’s mission is to make people feel happy, healthy, self-confident, and be the best versions of themselves. Her aim is to prove that medical aesthetics can be both natural and impactful.

For THMA Consulting, Yvonne will be both an Authorizer Prescriber and clinical trainer Vitality Medi Spa in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia. That includes Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training as well as Peer-to-Peer Mentoring for injectors who need to enhance or augment their skills in medical aesthetics.

“I am honoured to be part of the THMA Consulting team that is dedicated to raising the training bar in medical aesthetics by focusing on high ethical standards, professionalism and continuing education.”


Jennifer Holman - Bradford ON


Jennifer brings an enormous amount of experience and expertise into her position at THMA Consulting as trainer and liaison for Authorized Prescribers and Authorized Providers. She operates her own medical aesthetics clinic in Bradford Ont., and works with nine nurses as an AP.

More About Jennifer

Jennifer is now into her second decade as a nursing professional. She acquired acquired her BScN from the University of Western Ontario in 2011 and her Masters of Nursing in Primary Health Care from the University of Toronto in 2015.

Jennifer’s career focused on her position as an NP in family practice before moving more permanently  into medical aesthetics. She’s been an Authorized Prescriber for RNs and RPNs in the aesthetic industry for more than five years, and now owns and operates her own medical aesthetics clinic in Bradford, Ont.  She will open a second Real Beauty RX clinic later in 2023 in Innisfil, closer to her home in Barrie.

That first-hand experience in the field, and her time teaching in the undergraduate nursing program at the University of Toronto, makes her a perfect fit at THMA Consulting. For the virtual training of the Role of the Authorized Prescriber in a Collaborative Practice.

The 3-hour virtual course on the 1st Tuesday of the month especially benefits Nurse Practitioners, physicians and nurse injectors who need a knowledge-based training in order to become an AP or work with an AP.

Besides teaching this monthly Supplementary Course, Jennifer administers a Facebook page for THMA Consulting for Authorized Prescribers and Nurse Practitioners.  It’s an online opportunity for anyone in medical aesthetics to ask about medical directives and the business side of medical aesthetics.

“I’m there to answer questions and connect people. I will point anyone who doesn’t have the training to go to THMA Consulting first. And full circle, I will be available to those who are looking to be APs, or for nurses who setting up independent practices. The networking is a great tool.”

Through her training and communication, Jennifer will uphold the THMA Consulting commitment to promote professionalism in medical aesthetics. She strongly believes in creating safe and ethical environments for patients and injectors through quality education.


Belita Savage - London, ON


Belita has been a nurse for over 10 years and in medicals aesthetics since 2016.  The Nurse Practitioner is now the principle injector and owner of Kontour Medical Aesthetics in London. Belita brings experience and keen attention to patient care to THMA Consulting. Her goal is to help raise standards for medical aesthetics in Ontario.

More About Belita

Belita has been a Registered Nurse since graduating from Western University in 2014. She began her career working primarily in neurology at University Hospital, helping with recovery of stroke and neurosurgical patients. She also worked at the St. Joseph’s Health Care in neurorehabilitation.

Belita received her Masters in Nursing from Masters in 2019 and her Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner certificate in 2020. As a Nurse Practitioner, Belita provides virtual care to patients who don’t have a family physician or can’t access care.

Her interest in medical aesthetics began six years ago. She would work for a leading plastic surgeon in London before opening her own clinic Kontour Medical Aesthetics in London in 2020.

Belita has been doing Revanesse training for Prollenium Medical Technologies before joining the THMA Consulting national training team.

 Read Tracey’s Blog on Belita’s mission to raise the training bar and challenge proders to be their very best.

For THMA, Belita will doing Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training in London. She will also host Supplementary Course Workshops, most notably in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements, and offer Peer-to-Peer Mentoring for aesthetics providers who want to upgrade or augment their skills.

“The mentorship is one of the most important and satisfying thing about good training. We’re not just teaching them to injection. We’re teaching them to perfect their skills, how to develop a good understanding of the anatomy, to do proper assessments. I will challenge them to be better injectors and help them gain that confidence to do treatments right and safe.”

From the hospital work to her independent practice and THMA training, Belita’s professional philosophy remains the same: make people feel  good in comfortable environment with high standards of care, safety and ethics in every you do as a medical professional.


Laura Halucha - Ottawa ON


Laura has been a registered nurse for 15 years. She developed a keen interest in medical aesthetics while working as a critical care nurse and in 2018 trained with THMA Consulting. Laura is co-owner of Skin Logic Ottawa and does THMA training here.

More About Laura

Laura has devoted much of her early career in nursing to working in critical care areas such as emergency, neonatal intensive care and paediatric intensive care. At the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Laura has been responsible for the care of critically ill children aged 0-18 with a speciality in postoperative cardiac care.

Laura has also worked in the community as an infusion nurse with immune-compromised patients. She worked with Ottawa Public Health during the COVID-19 pandemic doing contact tracing, notification, and follow up with people infected with COVID.

Highlights of her early career include working with the Sunshine Foundation of Canada in 2012 to help transport and care for over 80 children with severe physical disabilities and life threatening illnesses to Disney World. That same year, Laura was also part of a professional multi-disciplinary team providing free health services to rural communities in Tanzania.

In 2014, Laura was awarded the Betty Kannon Award for Excellence in Nursing at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Her leap to medical aesthetics from her years of bedside care was a natural progression. Laura can now make people feel good on the inside while also looking good.

Skin Care Logic is co-owned by Laura, Corey Akisanya and Amanda Bastedo. All are critical trainers for THMA Consulting, responsible for training in Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training and Peer-to-Peer Mentoring. Skin Logic Ottawa is also a THMA regional centre for training workshops in Sclerotherapy, DA Treatments and PRP Treatments.


Sandra Carrillo - Ottawa ON


Sandra has been a Registered Practical Nurse for almost 15 years, and has excelled as a nurse injector since 2017. Sandra is the owner of Refined Image Ottawa and a Hands-on Trainer in THMA Consulting’s Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics.

More About Sandra

After graduating from Algonquin College in 2009, Sandra was an operating room nurse for 11 years at the Ottawa hospital in the main OR and the Eye Institute. She also worked as an assistant in two of Ottawa leading plastic surgery clinics in Ottawa.

In June 2020, Sandra opened Refined Image Ottawa, her own medical aesthetics clinic. With the goal to work independently, she started at RIO doing injectable services such as neuromodulators and dermal fillers. She has since expanded her clinical portfolio and added laser treatments. Sandra now has a team of nine working with her at 375 Richmond Rd, Ottawa.

Sandra began assisting Corey Akisanya and Amanda Bastedo of Skin Logic Ottawa with THMA Consulting training in Foundation Course 4 in 2020. She is now a member of the THMA national training team, and will do Peer-to-Peer Mentoring as well as the Hands-on Training. In 2022, she also became a trainer for Prollenium


Mark Harbora - Edmonton AB


Mark is advanced cosmetic injector Beauty Connect Pro in Edmonton. For 15 years has worked extensively in both adult and pediatric critical care. After completing his NP education, Mark decided to follow a long-time passion of medical aesthetics.

More About Mark

Mark graduated in 2011 with a BScN (Hon.) at the University of Alberta. His nursing career began in St. John’s, NL, where he worked for two years as a critical care RN at Eastern Health. Mark primarily worked in Alberta from 2014-2022 in in pediatric care, critical care, emergency and cardiac care in hospitals in Calgary and Edmonton. In 2016 he finished his Master of Nursing Nurse Practitioner program through Memorial University of Newfoundland.

 Other training companies train and then let people go into the world on your own. That’s not good for the patient or the injector. So a training program like THMA that also offers access to mentoring after training is extremely important. It ensures that trainees feel supported and are providing safe services.

Over the years Mark continued to advance his education in the field of medical aesthetics, and offer clients various injectable services including neuromodulators, dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma (PRP), biostimulators, and mesotherapy. Now working out of Beauty Connect Pro in Edmonton, Mark is also the Authorized Provider (or Medical Director) at several clinics in the Alberta capital. Mark prides himself on thorough consultations and is passionate about providing clients with personalized treatment plans that help them reach their aesthetic and skin care goals.

 With a passion for patient care and a keen interest in teaching, Mark Harbora NP is a perfect addition to the THMA Team.

As a clinical trainer with THMA Consulting, Mark leads Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training. He is also a THMA Mentor for professional providers looking to augment or practice skills in medical aesthetics. Mark is also a regional clinical trainer with Prollenium Medical Technologies.