THMA Consulting will be launching several new courses in 2021, including one this spring that will focus on the internal wellness of patients as an addition to our usual surface rejuvenations.

Intravenous Therapy

IV Therapy is a medical technique that delivers fluids and nutrition intravenously into a person’s vein. It’s become an increasing popular way for people to get vitamin and hydration directly and effectively.

IV Therapy’s popular effectiveness has been widely reported in the media.  Click for Good Morning America  

IV Therapy is not a medical aesthetics treatment, but it fits perfectly within many clinics as a wellness component. Corey Akisanya, our regional clinical training expert in Ottawa, has been offering IV Therapy at his clinic for about a year now.

“A great additive to a medical aesthetics practice.” – Trainer Corey Akisanya

Corey explains the wide acceptance of IV drips by pointing out that supplements which are usually taken orally go through the digestive system and often are poorly absorbed.

“With IV drips, the body receives vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and hydration by injecting the solution directly into the bloodstream,” Corey says. “It’s a process that bypasses the digestive system and allows patients to feel the positive effects instantly.”

Additional benefits of IV drips with higher concentrations of vitamin, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes include improved hydration and energy boosts.

Does IV Therapy work? Yes, reports Cedars-Sinai, a non-profit academic healthcare organization serves more than one million people each year in over 40 locations. Click to Read

We’ve had a lot of people ask us about training for IV Therapy. A good idea!

Corey preparing an IV drip for a patient

After talking to Corey about his experiences and expertise, I knew we had the perfect trainer for a new knowledge-based IV Therapy Course from THMA Consulting.

Corey will instruct course participants in terminology, basic pharmacology, infusion calculations and complications management.

“It’s a great additive to a medical aesthetics practice because it allows providers to focus on the health and wellness of their patients as well as their physical appearance,” says Corey.

A date for the first of these online THMA training sessions will be announced soon. In the meantime, Corey will share his thoughts on this hot topic in a Professional Development Presentation on March 4.

 Other courses in current development at THMA Consulting

Laser Safety

This THMA Supplementary Course will focus on safe practices when using resurfacing lasers (such as IPL and SkinTyte). Laser Safety training with Cynthia Webb RN of  Boutique Medical Aesthetics in Oakville will address a need for higher standards of patient safety. Most providers when purchasing these popular treatment machines are given a quick overview on how to use the equipment settings with minimum discussion on risks and safety protocols.

Facility Recommendations

THMA clinical training expert Jacklyn Sudetic will be teaching this online course that should be a must for people setting up their own medical aesthetics practices. The THMA Facility Recommendations course will supply practitioners with in-depth knowledge of public health guidelines and regulations. Most importantly, we will equip them with a checklist of what to do and not to do in order to pass public health scrutiny before opening for business.

Expect an announcement on these online courses in a couple of months.


Long-lasting Radiesse is a popular injectable treatment that stimulates naturally-occurring collagen in the skin to immediately smooth lines and wrinkles while also developing new collagen in the body. Patient satisfaction and the growing demand for regenerative medicine is why we are planning to include Radiesse as a Supplementary Course later this year. Read More About Radiesse Training Here