THMA Consulting

Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorship Program

We develop and mentor successful, safe and ethical practices.

The THMA Consulting program provides comprehensive medical aesthetics training, hands-on mentoring and ongoing education for nurses and physicians who wish to become medical aesthetics practitioners.

Our Mission is to be a national leader in training excellence and to raise the bar on professionalism, safety and ethical standards in medical aesthetics.

The THMA Consulting CNA-accredited Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics will firmly establish the fundamental knowledge and injection techniques needed in safe and successful practices. The courses are offered in Virtual Learning and Hands-on Training components.

Ongoing education includes Peer-to-Peer Mentoring, Supplementary Courses, professional development presentations, and our continuous support.

Coming To Halifax

Two days of professional presentations, engaging education and networking with colleagues in medical aesthetics. Cost is $150 for THMA Consulting members and $250 for guests. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Training Workshops and Advanced Courses


THMA Consulting offers virtual Supplementary Courses and in-person Training Workshops for professionals looking to expand portfolios and better meet patient demands for quality medical aesthetics services.
Didactic Hands-on Workshops


* Sclerotherapy Treatments – to effectively treat varicose veins and spider veins.
* Lip Enhancements – to master skilled injection techniques to perfect lip enhancement outcomes.
* PRP Treatments – to rejuvenate skin and stimulate hair growth using the patient’s own blood.
* Deoxycholic Acid Treatments – to dissolve fatty deposits, most commonly in the jawline and under the chin.
Virtual Supplementary Courses


* Therapeutic Botulinum Toxin A to include the use of neurotoxins for migraine headaches and TMJ disorders.
* Authorized Prescriber in a Collaborative Practice – to focus on a collaborative approach to authorized medical directives.
* IV Vitamin Infusion – To augment practices with wellness treatments of intravenous infusion and hydration.
Coast to Coast at THMA Consulting


Colleagues and trainees at Timeless Medical Aesthetics

THMA Consulting’s National Training Centre is located at Timeless Medical Aesthetics in Markham, Ont. We have 12 other  Regional Training Centres and Bridging Clinics in Ontario and across Canada. THMA Consulting has a national team of clinical trainers.  Find a regional training centre or bridging clinic near you.


Ongoing Education and Support

Your medical aesthetics education does not end when training is completed. THMA Consulting will regularly host Professional Development Symposiums that feature networking and lectures with topics and tips from experts in medical aesthetics. Nurses and physicians who successfully complete Foundation Courses training will receive complimentary Professional Development Presentations,  monthly eNewsletters, admission to a Facebook Forum, and ongoing access to mentoring, support and advice.

Foundation Courses

These four comprehensive courses are the building blocks of a safe and successful practice in medical aesthetics. The CNA-accredited program ties together research-based virtual learning with practical hands-on training. The expert clinical trainers across Canada who provide in-person training will continue to support participants through mentoring and ongoing education.

Supplementary Courses

THMA Consulting offers specialized courses and didactic workshops to advance practitioner skills and expand medical aesthetics portfolios. Expert clinical trainers share years of experience and research-based knowledge with trainees.  Virtual courses include Authorized Prescriber, Hyperhidrosis, IV Infusion and Facility Recommendations. In-person workshops cover PRP, Sclerotherapy and other treatments.

Course Calendar and Schedule

THMA Consulting training courses are designed to meet the educational needs of nurses and physicians who wish to become safe, successful and ethical medical aesthetic practitioners.

The schedule includes the Virtual and Hands-on Training components of four Foundation Courses that provide solid practical knowledge on medical aesthetics procedures and practices.  Supplementary Courses give experienced practitioners the educational opportunities to add even more skills to their portfolios.

THMA Consulting Training Standards

 Tracey Hotta’s career-long vision for high standards of medical aesthetics in Canada has fueled her mission to raise the training bar with THMA Consulting.  Tracey’s team of clinical trainers bring years of professional experience and an engaging passion for education to every course. The goal is to train nurses and physicians be comfortable and confident with product knowledge, injection techniques, ethics and patient safety.

Tracey’s Blogs

Sharing is Caring

Go to Tracey’s Blogs to stay informed and receive updates on THMA Consulting training and ongoing education. Tracey Hotta regularly uses her expertise and insight to write about THMA developments, industry news and hot topics in medical aesthetics.

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