THMA Consulting

Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorship Program

We develop and mentor successful, safe and ethical practices.

The THMA Consulting program provides expert medical aesthetics training, hands-on mentoring and ongoing education events to nurses and physicians who wish to become efficiently skilled medical aesthetic practitioners.

Our CNA-accredited program of Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics will firmly establish the fundamental knowledge and injection techniques  needed for building a safe and successful practice in medical aesthetics. Those key courses are offered in virtual learning and Hands-on practical components.

Our goal is to be a national leader in training excellence and to raise the bar on safety and ethical standards in medical aesthetics. 

Your Career in Medical Aesthetics Starts Here!

Please Note: All participants and patient/models in Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training must have received at least one COVID-19 vaccination. Safety protocols will also include the wearing of masks at all times and face shields while injecting whenever possible.

Stay-at-home orders have been lifted in Ontario allowing THMA Consulting and medical aesthetics providers to return to work. The College of Nurses of Ontario also states that  professional medical aesthetics practices are permissible: “A cosmetic injection performed by a RHP is not considered a personal care service and therefore are permitted as long as the RHP is following the public health regulations according to the classified zone and required PPE.” 

What’s New at THMA Consulting
Trainers Valerie Bacon and Isabelle Jubert with CEO Tracey Hotta in Montreal.

THMA Consulting has expanded to give more participants in Ontario and Quebec access to accredited medical aesthetics training closer to home. That includes training in Montreal in both official languages and new centres in Sudbury and London, Ont.

THMA Consulting’s National Training Centre is located at Timeless Medical Aesthetics in Markham, Ont. We have 12 other  Regional Training Centres and Bridging Clinics in Ontario and across Canada.

Find a regional training centre or bridging clinic near you.


Foundation Courses

These four comprehensive courses are the building blocks of a safe and successful practice in medical aesthetics. The CNA-accredited program ties together research-based virtual learning with practical  hands-on training. Expert trainers across Canada will professionally educate participants and monitor their ongoing development.

Supplementary Courses

THMA Consulting offers specialized courses to advance practitioner training and expand medical aesthetics practices. Course training and mentoring will cater to individual requirements and experience. Supplementary Courses include training in PRP and Deoxycholic Acid Treatments, AOA Responsibilities and One-on-One Mentoring.

InstaLift and Plasma IQ

Suneva Medical has selected THMA Consulting to be its exclusive national trainer for innovative and non-surgical  InstaLift and Plasma IQ treatments.  THMA Consulting only trains Suneva clients. Experienced injectors can contact a Suneva rep to register for professional training in both InstaLift and Plasma IQ.

Course Calendar and Schedule

THMA Consulting training courses are designed to meet the educational needs of nurses and physicians who wish to become safe, successful and ethical medical aesthetic practitioners.

The schedule includes the Virtual and Hands-on Training components of four Foundation Courses that provide solid practical knowledge on medical aesthetics procedures and practices.  Supplementary Courses give experienced practitioners the educational opportunities to add even more skills to their portfolios.

THMA Consulting Training Standards

 Tracey Hotta’s career-long vision for high standards of medical aesthetics in Canada has fueled her mission to raise the training bar with THMA Consulting.  Tracey’s team of expert clinical trainers bring years of professional experience and an engaging passion for education to every course. The goal is to train nurses and physicians be comfortable and confident with product knowledge, injection techniques, ethics and patient safety.

Tracey’s Blogs

Sharing is Caring

Go to Tracey’s Blogs to stay informed and receive updates on THMA Consulting training and ongoing education. Tracey Hotta regularly uses her expertise and insight  to write about new trends or hot topics in medical aesthetics.

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