Belita is Raising the Training Bar and Challenging Injectors

Belita Savage definitely has injecting and teaching skills. Equally impressive, the London NP is also a strong advocate of ethical care and patient safety. We welcome Belita to the THMA medical aesthetics training team.

“I will challenge them to be better injectors.”

Belita says without proper training, patient safety is at risk. And she is determined to do her part to raise the bar in medical aesthetics higher in London.

High standards of care.

“High standards of care, safety and ethics in every you do as a medical professional have to be what motivates us to be better at medical aesthetics,” Belita says.

Belita has been a nurse since 2013, working primarily in neurology at University Hospital, helping with recovery of stroke and neurosurgical patients. As a Nurse Practitioner, Belita now provides virtual care to patients who don’t have a family physician or can’t access care. In 2020, she opened her own clinic Kontour Medical Aesthetics in London, six years after entering the medical aesthetics field.

She has been doing Revanesse training for Prollenium Medical Technologies and now joins the THMA national training team.

“I am super excited about being on this team!”

“THMA is a CNA-accredited program I’ve wanted to be a part of for a long time,” says Belita, who shares our values on education and ethics. “Tracey has created a team that is trying to better the medical aesthetics industry and provide safer treatments for patients through enhanced learning. Which is great because this industry isn’t just about the injection of neuromodulators, Botox and fillers. It’s about patient care in the end.”

THMA Consulting Workshop: The Art and Science of Lip Enhancements.

Belita will doing Foundation Course: Hands-on Training and One-on-One Mentoring in London. She will also host Advanced Workshops, most notably, in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements.

“The mentorship is one of the most important and satisfying thing about good training. We’re not just teaching them to injection. We’re teaching them to perfect their skills, how to develop a good understanding of the anatomy, to do proper assessments. I will challenge them to be better injectors and help them gain that confidence to do treatments right and safe.”

“It’s not like getting your hair done or buying a shirt.”

Belita and I agree that it’s in training where we can raise the bar for our professionals. There and in practice. It’s so important for the public to know that we aren’t just trying to make a quick buck in medical aesthetics. We take care of our patients and care deeply about their safety. Patients should also appreciate the value of good training and our ethical practices.

Patients and providers win with good training.

“I advise patients to do research when seeking treatment,” Belita says. “This is a medical treatment. It’s not like getting your hair done or buying a shirt. These treatments if not done properly can cause harm.”

When patients do that homework to find an aesthetics Botox or fillers injector with great knowledge, credentials, and an ability to meet their needs they will more likely turn those who receive accredited training.

“I’m so grateful for this opportunity to help develop those skills and confidence. I’m super excited about being on this team and helping THMA to raise the bar in medical aesthetics.”

So are we, Belita. Welcome to the Team!