THMA Training Centres

Coast to Coast with THMA

From Vancouver BC to St. John’s NL, nurses and physicians can train and mentor with experienced clinical THMA trainers in well-equipped professional medical clinics

Participants who have completed virtual training in THMA Foundation Courses 1-3 can complete Course 4a/4b Hands-on Training in a THMA Training Centres close to home. Trainees at most of these facilities can return for One-on-One Mentoring to practice or enhance this injection skills. They can contact their Course 4 trainer directly to make those follow-up arrangements.

In Ontario:

In Atlantic Canada:

In Western Canada:


Some of our training and mentoring facilities will also serve as THMA Bridging Clinics*. THMA members can book hourly time at a bridging clinics to provide treatments to their own patients in safe professional environments. This helps ‘bridge the gap’ between courses and careers.