Bridging Clinics and Training Centres

Enhance Skills Between Training and Career

We’ve heard it said many times: the thought of being cut loose to go off by yourself after medical aesthetics training is just plain scary. We get that! That’s why we providing novice injectors with professional Bridging Clinics to practice or sharpen medical aesthetics skills and gain confidence.

The THMA Bridging Clinic at Skin Logic in Ottawa opened on Sept. 25, 2020

Participants who have completed virtual training in Foundation Courses 1-3 with THMA Consulting will now be able to complete Course 4a/4b Hands-on Training in THMA Training Centres closer to home.

THMA members can also use the clinics to work on skills and provide treatments to patients in safe environments with expert guidance.

We void that gap between when people complete training and go to work. It’s natural that coming out of training you might lack the confidence to do the procedures, even with the best training in Canada. So, its important to continue with those practical and procedural skills we learned in our THMA Consulting training.” – Corey Akisanya, Expert Clinical Trainer, Ottawa

Also serving as Regional Training Centres, the THMA Consulting Bridging Clinics will be safe and comfortable environments for:

  1. New practitioners to provide monitored treatments for their own patients
  2. One-on-One Mentoring sessions with expert trainers
  3. THMA Consulting Hands-on Training in Foundation Course 4a and 4b
  4. Advanced learning in Supplementary Courses such as PRP and Deoxycholic Acid treatments
  5. Professional Development Symposiums and related education events

THMA Consulting has regional training centres with bridging clinics at the following locations:

Our National Training Centre and Bridging Clinic is also at Timeless in Markham. More regional facilities will be opening across Canada in the near future.


Colleen White is our expert clinical trainer in Kingston.

“The hardest part after training is looking to start that new career or a job in the field. The injectors want to feel 100 percent comfortable with what they are doing. Unlike other training companies that just throw you to the wolves, we will continue to educate people and nurture their professional development by having them practice in these bridging clinics.” – Colleen White, Expert Clinical Trainer, Kingston 

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