A Long Journey Ends With A Fresh Start

Jessica Jacob, a nurse practitioner from Manitoba, travelled all the way to Ontario to train with us. She arrived with a desire to learn and with a firm goal in mind.

“I want to open my own business in a medical spa in Winnipeg,” Jessica said after completing the Hands-on Mentoring medical aesthetics course at THMA Consulting. “And I came here to get the knowledge, skills and judgement needed to do that.”

Jessica said she travelled all this way because no-one in Manitoba offers the type of medical aesthetics training that we have. It’s interesting that Jessica heard about the THMA Consulting preceptorship program through a nursing colleague in Tennessee. Word-of-mouth marketing certainly has a wide reach!

“It was great,” she said of the course and instructors. “Everyone was so nice. I really liked that being in a small group allowed the staff to concentrate on each of our individual skills and training.”

The growing demand for medical aesthetics services is certainly creating more opportunities for practitioners and instructors.

We are pleased that Jessica chose us, of course. We know from her abilities to administer products like Botox® and her positive attitude towards patient safety and care that she will excel in her new profession.

As she said: “It’s important to patients that I am knowledgeable and comfortable doing procedures. I want to have the safest and most proficient practice possible.”


Jessica Jacob is now the owner of The Injection Nurse, a non-surgical medical aesthetics practice based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  As a nurse practitioner and skincare specialist, Jess offers each of her cosmetic patients a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and personal attention.