THMA Consulting Expands Training to Newfoundland

Jackie Connors is a true pioneer. A respected nursing injector who got her start in medical aesthetics over 20 years ago, Jackie is now our first expert clinical trainer in Newfoundland and Labrador.

 Jackie Connors RN: ‘Super excited!’

“It’s a privilege to be part of this extraordinary team of medical professionals. I’m super excited to be bringing my experience and love of the job to my new training position.”

To say that Jackie Connors has come a long way in the field of medical aesthetics is an understatement. She was first hired in 1999 to work for Dr. Ian Landells, at that time the first and only medical professional to be offering Botox treatments in Newfoundland.

It wasn’t busy at first. The Landells Clinic only did cosmetic treatments one day a month in the beginning. Growing demand pushed that to once a week and then to five days a week now.

Jackie went from a part-time gig doing laser hair removal while still working at the local hospital to her full-time profession now as the nursing director and injector at Landells.

“I was always interested in cosmetics and fashion, but never thought that would eventually shape my career,” Jackie told us. “Now it’s something I enjoy doing every day. I love making people feel good and look better. It’s a great feeling to do that.”

Jackie with Tracey and Jeanine Harrison of THMA Consulting

I’ve known Jackie for many years, meeting her at national conferences and training events. She would often call for advice or feedback on aesthetics issues. That desire for knowledge plus her experience and fabulous reputation as a skilled and ethical injector is why Jackie was the first person we wanted when we decided to bring quality training to Newfoundland and Labrador.

“I had mentioned to Tracey that if she was ever considering setting up in Newfoundland, that I’d be very interested in joining the team. Training is something I wanted to do, especially for a company like THMA Consulting and its well-researched and nationally recognized program.

“I’m thrilled now to be able to share Tracey’s vision and values for quality medical aesthetics with others.”

Jackie monitoring Foundation Course 4 training in Halifax

Jackie has spent the past few months taking Supplementary Courses and training to be a Foundations Courses 4 hands-on trainer and mentor. Without hesitation, we know she is going to be excellent.

The real beneficiaries will be nurses and physicians in the St. John’s area who want to pursue career options in medical aesthetics. We are pleased and honoured to give them that opportunity!

Interested program participants can contact us about the virtual training components of our Foundation Courses 1-3 and how to register for the in-person Course 4 training. Medical aesthetics professionals who want to sharpen skills or expand portfolios can click here to contact Jackie for One-on-One Mentoring.  


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