THMA Mentoring

Enhance Skills, Boost Confidence

THMA Mentoring offers medical aesthetics practitioners an excellent opportunity to practice or enhance injecting skills and learn new procedures. Personalized mentoring can respond to individual needs, whether in learning new techniques or expanding a portfolio. Participants can practice procedures for popular treatments such as the use of dermal fillers and neurotoxins like Botox, or learn more advanced techniques such as the use of cannulas in treatments.

“You can’t just take courses and fly on your own.” – Emma Wisken NP, THMA Trainee.

One-on-One Mentoring

Aesthetics providers who have completed the THMA Foundation Courses can book a half day or full day of mentoring. Participants will need to inform us on what procedures they wish to focus on and how many of their own patients will attend and receive injections.

Appointments are $150/hour should be booked with the THMA clinical trainer from their Foundation Course 4.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

THMA members can receive medical aesthetics mentoring with as many as five of their colleagues in one session. The advantage of group Peer-to-Peer mentoring includes the opportunity to observe others doing injections.

Shared knowledge!

Colleagues in a group will often be patients as well as providers; there is definite learning in how treatments and injections feel. The group setting also allows for shared communication with the trainer and colleagues on actual practices and issues related to medical aesthetics.

Please note that not all THMA training centres can accommodate groups for mentoring. Contact Us for assistance.

“I am beyond impressed  with how structured and informative you have created this whole training program. THMA has given me so many resources to help me feel more confident and safe in my injection techniques.” – Kariya Arciga RPN

Non-Member Mentoring

This two-day workshop is for injectors who have not trained with THMA and have either found their training inadequate or cannot access follow-up mentoring in order to hone skills. The full mentoring package for non-THMA members will include the 4-hour virtual training Foundation Course 1: Facial Anatomy to provide the injectors with essential information on muscles, blood vessels, nerves and bony structures.

Hone skills, gain confidence.

That fundamental facial knowledge, and the guide and resources that are included in the virtual course, will prepare associates to work directly with a THMA clinical  trainer on assessments and techniques. The follow-up full day of mentoring will have participants doing various treatments on as many patients as desired for up to 6 hours. THMA will provide 6 syringes of filler and two vials of neurotoxin (Botox, for example). Participants will pay for any product beyond that.

The cost of the two-day training and mentoring workshop for non-members is $3,750. Completion of this training will gain participants full THMA membership status and access to continuous education, ongoing support and more benefits.

Bridging Clinics

THMA members can book hourly time at THMA bridging clinics to provide treatments to their own patients in safe professional environments. Click here for Bridging Clinic locations.

We understand and appreciate that it may take time to find or establish a medical aesthetics practice. That’s why we provide our trained injectors with continuing opportunities to hone skills and gain confidence by bridging the gap between courses and careers.

“The hardest part after training is looking to start that new career or a job in the field. The injectors want to feel 100 percent comfortable with what they are doing. Unlike other training companies that just throw you to the wolves, we will continue to educate people and nurture their professional development by having them practice in these bridging clinics.” Colleen White NP, THMA Trainer, Glow Skincare Co, Kingston ON

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