Authorized Prescriber Training: “Crucial To Be Well Informed”

Even with a vast amount of nursing education and years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner, Mara Langevin cannot understate the importance of proper training to be an Authorized Prescriber (or Medical Director) in an aesthetics practice.

“Absolutely,” says Mara, a long-time medical aesthetics provider who completed advanced training with THMA Consulting in 2020.

 “It’s crucial to be well informed on all expectations and well versed on the responsibilities everyone has in a collaborative working relationship in medical aesthetics.”

Mara partners with Jacklyn Sudetic at Distinct Medical Aesthetics, a professional clinic they co-founded and opened in Oakville earlier this year. As an RN, Jacklyn needs an order to administer Botox (neurotoxins), dermal fillers, Instalift, Deoxycholic Acid, PRP and so on.

Mara and Jacklyn: “Collaboration is essential.”

That’s where Mara comes in as a clinical injector and Authorized Prescriber. Regulations stipulate that the AP has to be available for consultation, but not necessarily onsite. Jacklyn considers the fact she and Mara work together as an advantage for her and her patients.

 “Mara and I are both integrated into the practice,” says Jacklyn, who is also a THMA Consulting expert clinical trainer. “Together we can establish relationships with patients and come up with great treatments plan. That collaboration is essential!”

Mara has been a nurse for almost 20 years and a Nurse Practitioner since graduating from the University of Toronto with a Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner designation in 2008. Her early nursing career was in critical care and cardiology. A passion for medical aesthetics led her to part-time positions in plastic surgery and to more training in that field.

That brought Mara to THMA Consulting and training in our Authorized Prescriber in a Collaborative Practice course. Mara says the course was excellent and very clearly spelled out the important responsibilities specific to a medical aesthetics practice.

“I collaborated with physicians in similar functions in my career, so the Authorized Prescriber course was helpful in reviewing legal responsibilities and regulations while also providing pointers in regards to patient safety and so on.”

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“THMA has developed a network that allows NPs and RNs to meet and share thoughts and, yes, build practices together,” Jacklyn says. “I was looking to branch out and go into independent practice and so was Mara. I am a big advocate for the nursing role in medical aesthetics, so with Mara’s background as an NP and in plastic surgery, it was a no-brainer.” It was through THMA Consulting that Mara and Jacklyn first met and forged a business partnership. The respect and admiration for each other is obvious in conversation.

Mara: patient safety is paramount

Mara: “Jacklyn is a great nurse, very professional, experienced and has a wonderful personality that makes it that much easier to work with her.”

Jacklyn:  “I knew we had similar values and the same core knowledge, and we’d focus on same ethics and safe practice principles. Teaming up with Mara was an easy fit. We wouldn’t be together now if not for training with THMA!”

Specializing in facial regenerative medicine to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, Distinct Medical Aesthetics offers customized treatment plans to prevent, restore, and reverse visible signs of aging. Distinct is also a THMA Consulting Bridging Clinic where program participants can practice their skills and build up experience as they look for jobs. They can start their career by working with a team in a mentorship with other experienced nurses.

Distinct Medical Aesthetics, Oakville, Ont.

Distinct provides practitioners with a clean safe medical setting with Health Canada-approved devices and medical supplies, and with an NP on site.  Interested injectors can contact Jacklyn or Mara at