Raising the Bar with Niala in THMA Training

With great pleasure we welcome Niala Kalliecharan to the THMA Consulting training team. A respected NP with 25 years experience, Niala is owner of her own medical aesthetics clinic in Markham.

Niala – nursing leader, clinical trainer and entrepreneur.

Niala Kalliecharan is the real deal – a skilled Nurse Practitioner, an accomplished management leader and a medical aesthetics entrepreneur. Her Timeless Medical Aesthetics clinic was opened in February 2021. She’s trained with us, and now Niala is training for us.

We couldn’t be happier!

 “I’m thankful and grateful to be part of the THMA Consulting national training team. Tracey and I are colleagues and friends, and we share so many values that revolve around science and medicine and putting patient safety first.”

Working together to raise standards

In this Blog, I’m going to let Niala share her thoughts on her training philosophies and the PRP Workshop and Business Ethics course she will teach at THMA Consulting. Like me, Niala wants to raise the standards in medical aesthetics training and practices.

“We are not just people in white nursing outfits looking cute. We are experts, a group of people well educated, with great skills and intentions. We are healthcare leaders.  We need to recognize that this is who we are in medical aesthetics.”

“As an industry, we must all work together to raise standards and perceptions. I have a saying – ‘community over competition’ – and that’s the thinking I hope to foster at Timeless and through my training with THMA Consulting.”

If nothing else, clinics should invest in PRP

Niala will spearhead training workshops at Timeless in Deoxycholic Acid and Platelet-Rich Plasma treatmentsThe PRP course has been upgraded significantly to put evidence-based education and hands-on learning together in one comprehensive program.

“If clinics invest in nothing else, they should definitely invest in PRP. Yes, providers can manage a patient in terms of the look they desire with neurotoxins and fillers. But you need a good sheet to cover that mattress.  If skin texture is compromised, for example, that could affect overall skin management and the patients’ confidence in themselves and your treatments.”

“Patients want to have healthy skin, inside and out. That adds to their self-confidence. PRP optimizes that skin health. “

Timeless and THMA: a great partnership

With her management background and entrepreneurial smarts, Niala is the perfect trainer for Foundation Course 3: Business Ethics & Professional Standards

This is a great course, providing trainees with business principles that are not taught in nursing or medical school. The course highlights how to launch your own independent practice, whether working for someone else or opening your own clinic. A successful practice is built on a foundation of knowledge and understanding of laws and policies as well as anatomy and injection skills.

“I’ll bring my 25 years of nursing and management to the table, sharing what I have learned about the ins and outs of independent practice, what works and what doesn’t. I think my experiences will really help them relate to what’s ahead and how to prepare for that.”

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When she isn’t training for THMA Consulting, Niala will do daily duties as owner and manager of her Timeless Medical Aesthetics clinic. Our flagship training centre is under her roof, too.

Niala and THMA Consulting: raising the bar together!

“I’m honoured that Timeless is the national training centre and a bridging clinic for THMA Consulting. We’ll see a lot of very talented and dedicated professionals here, completing their Foundation Courses with Course 4: Hands-on Training. And many of them will return to continue their journey to new careers by adding more skills with training in Supplementary Courses and workshops in DA and PRP.

“We have such a great relationship with THMA Consulting. We’ll make a lot of people happy here and together we’ll raise the bar on medical aesthetics training and industry standards.”

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