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Find the THMA Consulting training courses and dates on the calendar below that best suit your needs and schedule.

The comprehensive Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorhip Program is structured to meet the full educational needs of nurses and physicians who wish to become safe, successful and ethical medical aesthetic providers.

Completion of the CNA accredited Foundation Courses will earn nurses 40 Credit Hours.

THMA Consulting provides comprehensive medical aesthetics training in medical clinics across Canada. Participants should check with your provincial college and liability insurance plan to ensure proper coverage for injection of patients in your province.

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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Authorized Prescriber (Virtual)

Therapeutics Course (Virtual)

PRP Workshop (Markham)

DA Workshop (Markham)


FC-1: Facial Anatomy

Lip Enhancement Workshop (Kingston)

FC-2: Pharmacology, Assessments, Techniques

FC-3: Business Ethics, Professional Standards


PRP Workshop (Ottawa)


FC-4: Hands-on Training (Kingston)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Miramichi)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Ottawa)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Kingston)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Miramichi)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Ottawa)


PRP Workshop (Calgary)

IV Infusion (Virtual)


Lip Enhancements Workshop (Markham)

Lip Enhancements Workshop (Ottawa)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Markham)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Markham)


FC-4: Hands-on Training (Oakville)

Sclerotherapy (Ottawa)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Oakville)


Halifax Symposium

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Halifax)

FC-4: Hands-on Training (Halifax)

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Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorship Program

Click the corresponding dates on the THMA Consulting calendar for more information on these courses and events. 

  •  Foundation Courses 1-3:  Virtual Training in Foundation Courses Sept 9-11, Sept 30-Oct 2, Nov 4-6, Dec 2-4.
  • Foundation Course 4a/4b: The two-day Practical & Hands-on Training will complete the training program:
  • Markham – Aug 20-21 (full), Aug 27-28, Sept 17-18, Oct 22-23.
  • Ottawa  – Aug 13-14, Sep 10-11, Oct 12, Nov 12-13.
  • Oakville – Aug 23-24, Sep 27-28.
  • Kingston – Aug 13-14, Sept 10-11, Oct 22-23.
  • London – Sep 17, Sep 27.
  • Barrie – Last Friday of the month (except in Aug).
  • Halifax – Aug 27-28 Sep 24-25.
  • Miramichi – Aug 20-21, Sep 24-25.
  • Calgary – Sep 27-28, Oct 17-18, Nov 14-15.
  • Vancouver – Aug 9-10, Oct 19-20.
  • Supplementary Course – Authorized Prescriber and a Collaborative Approach: Virtual training on the 1st Monday of every month.
  • Supplementary Course – IV Vitamin Infusion: Virtual training on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. (Read Tracey’s Blog)
  • Supplementary Course – Facility Recommendations: Virtual training on the 4th Thursday of every month (except July and August).
  • Supplementary Course – Therapeutic Uses of Botulinum Toxin A: Virtual training in this expanded course on Aug 2, Sep 13, Oct 11.
  • Sclerotherapy Workshop – In-person training in Ottawa on the 4th Tuesday of every month. In  Markham TBA.  Read Tracey’s Blog.
  • PRP Workshop (Markham): Didactic in-person training in Markham  on the 1st Wednesday of every month.
  • PRP Workshop (Regional): Ottawa on 2nd Thursday of every month. Calgary on 3rd Tuesday of every month. Oakville on 3rd Tuesday of every month (except July and August).
  • Deoxycholic Acid Workshop: In Markham on 1st Wednesday of every month.
  • Deoxycholic Acid Workshop: In Ottawa Nov 10.
  • Lip Enhancement Workshop – In Markham on 3rd Fri monthly – except for Aug 19).  In Ottawa Aug 19, Sep 9, Oct 21, Nov 11, Dec 9. In Barrie TBA. In Kingston on Aug 6. In Miramichi on Sep 23 and Oct 21.
  • Professional Development Symposium – In Halifax on Aug 26. In Winnipeg on Oct 1.
  • THMA Virtual Presentations: Trending topics and tips on Wednesdays. Read more.  Exclusive for THMA members.
  • One-on-One Mentoring: Private customized sessions for basic and advanced techniques are available for professional practitioners in Ottawa, Markham, Oakville, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. Contact for more information.

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These exclusive courses are the intellectual property of THMA Consulting.  Materials are solely for personal education and cannot be reproduced or distributed for financial gains. Participants  must disclose if they work or lecture for a training company before registering for any THMA Consulting course.