Jacklyn Returns Home to Open Her Own Clinic

Our good friend and THMA Consulting colleague Jacklyn Sudetic has exciting news from Oakville, Ont. She’s opening her own medical aesthetics clinic – and a THMA Bridging Clinic – closer to her home community and nearer her family.

Compassion and caring follows Jacklyn everywhere

Jacklyn describes her new Distinct Medical Aesthetics as a boutique clinic, offering a full profile of regenerative medicine that includes Botox, Bellafill and Radiesse as well as micro-needling and advanced treatments like Instalift and Plasma IQ.

“I didn’t think this was in the cards for me,” Jacklyn told us. “But that’s what’s so awesome about life. It can take you in different directions, offer different challenges. It’s very exciting.”

We’re going to piggyback on Jacklyn’s good news here by announcing that Distinct Medical Aesthetics will serve as a THMA training centreThis double dose of good news will bring happiness to patients in Oakville who will benefit from Jacklyn’s incredible talent as a medical aesthetics provider. And, nurses and doctors west of Toronto will have a place closer to home for their THMA Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training.

We are so happy that Jacklyn is realizing a dream to open her own clinic in her own community. She and Mara Langevin NP, the co-founder and medical director of Distinct Medical Aesthetics, plan to be welcoming their first patients in March. 

“I haven’t worked close to home in more than 11 years,” Jacklyn said. “So, it’s nice to be back in the Halton community, reconnecting with people and supporting local businesses. It’s a healthy environment here, where people feel they can grow and succeed.”

Jacklyn said she will play her part in helping people succeed as one of our expert clinical trainers. Besides her incredible talents as a nurse injector and trainer, Jacklyn also shares our commitment to nurture and foster the dreams of a career in medical aesthetics. 

Mara Langevin says Training in Critically Important in Collaborative Practices.

“Working with THMA has been the biggest blessing of my medical career,” said Jacklyn. “I will pass that same support on to the nurses that come to me for training and mentoring. We will open doors for them and take them to the next level. We will help them pursue their dreams of successful careers.” 

We have no doubts about Jacklyn’s ethical values and teaching skills. We have received many heartfelt thanks from training program participants who say great things about her demeanour, attention to detail and how she is organized and easy to work with.

Jacklyn: talented nurse and expert educator


Marlene De Abreu had this to say about Jacklyn’s mentoring after landing a medical aesthetics job in Toronto: 

“Jacklyn! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your talent and passion, your words of encouragements and everything in between.”

 Congratulations, Jacklyn. You have earned every ounce of your current success and will have that much more as you open the doors of this next opportunity.



Distinct Medical Aesthetics

11 Bronte Rd., Unit 28, Oakville, ON

Phone: 905-338-4080

Email: info@distinctmedicalaesthetics.com

Website:  www.distinctmedicalaesthetics.com

IG: @distinct_medical_aesthetics


THMA Consulting Training Centres and Bridging Clinics

Also serving as Regional Training Centres, the THMA Consulting Bridging Clinics will be safe and comfortable environments for:

  1. New practitioners to provide monitored treatments for their own patients
  2. One-on-One Mentoring sessions with expert trainers
  3. THMA Consulting Hands-on Training in Foundation Course 4a and 4b
  4. Advanced learning in Supplementary Courses such as PRP and Deoxycholic Acid treatments
  5. Professional Development Symposiums and related education events

THMA Consulting has regional training centres with bridging clinics at the following locations:

Our National Training Centre and Bridging Clinic is also at Timeless in Markham.