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The THMA education program provides quality and accredited medical aesthetics training in Canada as well as individual mentoring and ongoing education events to nurses and physicians who wish to become skilled medical aesthetic practitioners.

Professional training with personal support

Tracey Hotta launched THMA Consulting Inc in 2016, drawing on her illustrious career in medical aesthetics and a passion for education to bring the training program together. Tracey’s vision for a training company that espouses  research-based education has set a high standard for ethical and safe practices in medical aesthetics in Canada.

Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with a comprehensive medical aesthetics training program of research-based knowledge, in-depth skill development and ongoing mentoring that will build successful, safe and ethical medical aesthetic practices.


THMA clinical trainers bring years of professional experience and an engaging passion for education to every medical aesthetics and Botox training course. The goal is to ensure nurses and physicians feel comfortable and confident with medical aesthetic product knowledge, injection techniques and patient safety.

From virtual learning of facial anatomy and product knowledge to hands-on injection techniques, the nationally recognized Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course for Botulinum Toxin A and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers gives participants the fundamental tools to master all aspects of medical aesthetics.

Virtual Supplementary Courses and In-person Advanced Workshops offer experienced practitioners a extended package of opportunities to expand or augment current practices.

Learning medical aesthetics through THMA has been an absolutely amazing experience. I speak  HIGHEST of the nurses and trainers, and definitely recommend taking the courses and mentoring there. It has been a pleasure. Thank you THMA! – Melanie Photopolus NP, MA Aesthetics, Toronto

How To Reach High in Training at THMA

THMA trainer Gina Maalouf RN in Oshawa says in her experience the people who succeed during and after their medical aesthetics training consistently strive for excellence and seeks continuous improvement.

  • Initiative: A great trainee takes initiative, goes beyond basic tasks, and actively seeks opportunities to contribute. They show enthusiasm and a proactive approach to learning.
  • Problem-solving: The ability to identify and solve challenges independently.
  • Attention to Detail: Great trainees pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the quality and accuracy of their work. They go the extra mile to deliver excellence.
  • Feedback Reception: A great trainee is receptive to feedback, using it constructively to improve performance. They view feedback as a tool for growth rather than criticism.
  • Collaboration and effective communication are key. Great trainees work well with others, contribute positively.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to new situations and learn from different learning situations .They adapt well with change and remain flexible.
  • Proactive Learning: They  seek to expand their knowledge and skills, showing a genuine interest .
  • Ownership: They demonstrate a sense of accountability for their work and its outcomes.

It’s our honour and great pleasure at THMA to help  professional eager to succeed reach for the top.

“Teaching is a precious talent compounded from knowledge, experience and a genuine desire and capacity to share with others. A standing ovation to Tracey and THMA Consulting for educating and empowering others!” 
– Georgia Elmassian, President, International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

– Georgia Elmassian, President, International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses

The learning at THMA doesn’t end when the formal training is completed. We are fully committed to ongoing education and support to help our clients grow and flourish as medical aesthetics practitioners.

Program participants can fortify skills through One-on-One Mentoring and enhance portfolios through Supplementary Courses and Advanced Workshops. All trainees can be assured that questions they will have moving forward will be answered.

Thumbs up for ongoing education!

THMA Consulting members will receive monthly eNewsletters and  weekly online interactive Professional Development Presentations for informative updates on various issues related to medical aesthetics. THMA is also pleased to offer Professional Development Symposiums where trained nurses and doctors can network and learn from clinical experts on new procedures, advancements in patient safety and industry trends.