Gina’s Eye for Excellence Triumphs in Lip Training Workshops

When it comes to lip enhancements that best suit a patient’s needs and desires, our new expert clinical trainer in Markham says a meticulous approach to lips is the key. “People don’t want to look fake.”

“You have to pay attention to detail and focus on a natural look,” says Gina Maalouf, who leads advanced workshops in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements at Omorphi Aesthetics, 71 Albert St. Suite 6, in Oshawa, ON. “You have to know your anatomy, of course. And assessments are also very important. Anybody can put a filler in someone’s lips, but it’s the knowledge you have and your ability to see what needs to be done that will produce desirable results.”

We are thrilled to welcome Gina to the THMA national training team. Gina will join with Niala Kalliecharan to do Foundation Course: Hands-on Training at Timeless Medical Aesthetics as well as her Lips Workshop in Oshawa.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Gina about joining our team. “THMA has fantastic trainers – very professional and they know what they are doing.”

Lips Workshop Puts Art and Science in Harmony


Gina will excel in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancement workshops. She brings to the training a calm, encouraging demeanor as an educator and a high-level of technical expertise. She also has a keen aesthetics eye for assessing lip structures and nuances in the anatomy.

Gina demonstrates her talent and passion for lip enhancements.

“Everyone has different lips, but you have to understand that patients want to look at natural as possible,” says Gina, describing her approach to treatments and training as meticulous. “You have to tell them honestly what you think would look good. Most often you just want to enhance their natural look. I don’t agree with just making lips puffy unnaturally. It doesn’t look good. People don’t want to look fake. They never do.”

The Supplementary Course workshop will emphasize the importance of working closely with patients to find the ‘best fit for their face’ when it comes to lip enhancements.

A thorough understanding of what the patient really wants will inform decisions on whether to restructure, recontour or provide volume in the right part of the lip. Complete knowledge and precise techniques will put providers in a better position to treat patients effectively and safely.

“People don’t want to look fake.”

“This course is fantastic,” agrees Gina. “Everything taught is in-depth and so precise. The hands-on training is pretty intense, but it’s good. Really good.”

Gina has been a nurse for over 25 years. A good portion of her early career was spent in the ICU at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. She also worked as a PACU RN at St. Mike’s and Lakeridge Health in Oshawa. Drawn to medical aesthetics and the freedom of ‘doing it for yourself,’ Gina registered for THMA Consulting training courses and follow-up mentoring. She is now the Principle/Nurse Injector at Omorphi. She managed to keep her head above water through the pandemic and her clinic is doing very well now.

“I think I’ve earned my respect, absolutely. To have that respect and show the community that we are medical professionals, that’s important to me. That is also important to THMA Consulting.”

Check our Calendar for training in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements with Gina.

“I’m so excited about teaching this training workshop. The injectors will see that I’m passionate about this. They will know exactly what I’m thinking when I look at a lip and they’ll get a good feel for the needle. That’s exactly what I want them to see and what they will take away from the training. Their patients will benefit from this, too!”


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