Top Quality Training Courses

The Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorship Program will benefit both new and experienced medical aesthetics practitioners. Our comprehensive Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics are a series of four fundamental courses designed to develop and establish safe and successful  practices through acquired knowledge, skills and proficiency in medical aesthetics. Our Supplementary Courses offer experienced practitioners additional knowledge and skills to expand or augment current  practices.

Expert clinical trainers in Ontario and across Canada will lead the training courses.


Foundation Courses

Four separate and comprehensive Foundation Courses will thoroughly educate, train and guide professional participants towards a safe and successful career in medical aesthetics.

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Supplementary Courses

Additional and advanced courses build on the Foundation Courses to expand the scope of practice for trained practitioners, providing proper techniques and guidelines to develop skills and create long-lasting relationships with patients in an ethical, efficient and safe manner.


InstaLift Training

Suneva Medical has selected THMA Consulting to be its exclusive national trainer for InstaLift treatments. InstaLift suture injections require a very precise technique and a gentle touch. Even experienced aesthetics practitioners have to develop a whole new skill set to inject the InstaLift sutures.  The THMA Consulting training is with Suneva clients. All clinical injectors and medical professionals have to contact a Suneva rep about InstaLift training.

These exclusive courses are the intellectual property of THMA Consulting.  Written materials and learning tools used in training are solely for personal education and cannot be reproduced or distributed for financial gains. Participants  must disclose if they work or lecture for a training company before registering for any THMA Consulting course.