How to Find Comfort and Confidence to Start A New Practice

First he was a patient model in our Hands-on Mentoring Course. Then he completed the training himself. Now, Corey Akisanya is an injector and medical director in Ottawa. Corey’s story is a good one!

From the first moment I met him Corey showed a real interest in learning about medical aesthetics. He was taking it all in, asking a ton of questions and showing a real passion for the field.

“I’d been getting Botox on myself for 8 years so had an appreciation of the skills and benefits,” Corey tells us.

“My friend from Winnipeg (Jessica Jacob) was training with TMA in Toronto and I was her model in the Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training. Right there I said this is the training program I want to take.”

Corey jumped in with both feet. With 10 years of nursing experience, and only a year after becoming a Nurse Practitioner, he successfully completed our four-course foundation program in medical aesthetics in October. He also took our Supplementary Course in the Role and Responsibilities of the AP/Medical Director.

“I didn’t want to just take a course that was one or two days only and was just hands-on,” Corey said. “I wanted the background, the theory and the knowledge as well as the hands-on mentoring. After the courses, I actually felt comfortable and confident to go ahead and start practicing. I know other people who took other courses they don’t have that comfort in facing patients.”

It’s to Corey’s credit that he quickly got hired and will be starting in early December at the Westboro Spa in Ottawa as a medical aesthetics injector and medical director.

We can see why. He’s very professional and pays attention to detail. He has excellent assessment skills, a keen aesthetic eye and a great personality, too. He is going to be successful, without a doubt.

“It’ll be different from working in a hospital where you see one patient for maybe 12 hours a day,” he said. “In this job, it’s a very different relationship with patients. They pick you, and they see you for personal reasons and specific treatments. I like that I’ll be able to have working relationships with patients for months or years, and not just a day.”

As we do with all participants who pass through our training courses and become part of our THMA Consulting family, we will keep in touch with Corey. He knows that we are always willing to help and support him in any way.

“As a novice injector and a novice medical director, its very important to have that kind of guidance and mentoring.”

We want to thank Corey for several reasons. First, for choosing THMA  for his medical aesthetics training. And we have trained three other Ottawa nurses who Corey pointed in our direction. How cool is that! Lastly, we are very grateful for the kind words Corey wrote under Reviews on our Facebook page.

 Tracey and and her team are amazing! They are so knowledgeable and are very passionate about what they do. They strive for excellence and they make sure that everyone around them strives for excellence as well. Their guidance and support that they offer is greatly appreciated. It is an amazing feeling to have two people that are highly respected in the field that I can look up to and think to myself “I wish I can be like them one day.”

Wonderful words to remind us of the reasons we love our job. And the joy we feel when people achieve their goals.


(Blog Update – Corey is now co-owner of Skin Logic Ottawa and is a THMA clinical trainer doing Foundation Course 4, DA and PRP Treatments, and One-on-One Mentoring in Ottawa.)


  1. I’ve worked with Corey and you’re bang on…he is amazing and will provide any patient with the best care standard anywhere! Congrats Corey!

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