Can-Do Attitude for Success in NB Training

A self-described “long and winding road in primary care” has led Brandy Donald NP closer to her career goal as a leader in medical aesthetics in New Brunswick. We are really excited about this, too!

Brandy Donald NP

Brandy and her nursing partner Kelly Whalen are incredibly talented and dedicated nursing professionals. At THMA Consulting, we are proud that we could help pave their road to success in medical aesthetics.

Both nurses took our Foundation Courses in medical aesthetics. They are working partners in an independent clinic called Luxe Medical Aesthetics in Miramichi. And both are now clinical trainers with THMA Consulting.

“It’s absolutely awesome to be part of this national team,” said Brandy, who is our lead trainer in New Brunswick.

“It aligns with my desire to educate and keep abreast of changes and current trends with respect to safety in medical aesthetics. The more we learn the better we all are in practice.”

Foundation Courses participants in New Brunswick can complete the virtual components of the program with Course 4: Practical Skills & Hands-on Training at Luxe Medical Aesthetics, 65 Henry St., Miramichi. The THMA Consulting team will also host Supplementary Course workshops on The Art and Science of Lip Enhancements. Register here.

Brandy and Kelly were among the first nurses trained in New Brunswick by THMA Consulting. For Brandy, opportunity for a career change knocked when the province granted Nurse Practitioners the scope of practice to operate independent practices.

“I jumped almost literally that same day to get the ball rolling on my medical aesthetics career,” Brandy said. “After a long and winding road with 25 years in primary care, I said ‘hey, I can do this!’ I knew this was the direction I wanted to go.”

Kelly Whalen RN

Brandy began working in a local medi-spa doing medical aesthetics injections, and within weeks also became the medical director. It was “sink or swim” at first, she said. That’s why she came to us for professional training.

“I dove into every piece of education I could find, every reputable video and learned as much as I could from reputable sources. High-level training definitely makes it easier to jump in and learn a lot, and to have access to follow up guidance from THMA whatever the situation or issue arises.”

Brandy was extremely well-prepared. She had a vast amount of knowledge, high standards of patient care and was keen to learn more. She instantly proved herself proficient in injection skills and patient safety.

When I made the decision to establish a training centre in New Brunswick, the choice to have Brandy lead the training was a no-brainer.

Brandy decided at this point to leave Divine Medical Aesthetics to open her own practice. Her longtime colleague and nursing friend Kelly Whalen works with her at Luxe and is also on our national training team.

Kelly and Brandy opened Luxe after working together at Divine in Miramichi.

“It was a little risky, a little scary,” says Brandy about her first step towards independent practice. “Kelly and I always worked well together and have had a strong collaborative partnership. So, we decided to go for it. We’ve been extremely busy trying to cement our place in medical aesthetics in Miramichi. Happily, we’ve been successful from the beginning.”

Brandy and Kelly do their clinical work at Luxe on weeknights and weekends. Brandy says she’ll reduce her full-time nursing hours in the fall to put more time and focus on medical aesthetics.

Lips Workshop Puts Art and Science in Harmony

She says she’s really excited about helping other learn about medical aesthetics. Training two nurses from Moncton in July “was awesome,” she said.

“They were conscientious and super keen to learn, “she said about Ellen Vale and Allison Vale, sisters-in-law who want to open their own independent practice.

Hands-on Training with Ellen Vale and Allison Vale.

“They’ll be good, they’ll be successful. You can see they have a trust between themselves already. Like a lot of us starting out, they need to gain more confidence in their abilities. We’ll be sure to help them with that.”

Brandy recognizes that being a member of the THMA Consulting team of national trainers will also help her. Patients in the community trust that added credibility and respect that comes from working with a national company.

“Kelly and I are on the right path. We’re both residents of Miramichi, grew up here and worked here as nurses. It’s very exciting to be where we are now!”