THMA Expert Training Goes Coast-To-Coast

Despite the upheaval and challenges of COVID-19, the summer of 2020 has been a time of tremendous growth for THMA Consulting. We now officially – and literally! – have expert trainers across Canada. Come meet our newest team members!

Foundation Course 4: Coast-to-Coast Training and Hands-on Mentoring

We are so pleased to add to our excellent team Erin Talbot in Calgary, Jessica Jacob in Winnipeg and Aundrea Ritchie in Halifax.

All are experienced nurses and brilliant medical aesthetics professionals.  They will primarily be responsible for training in Foundation Course 4: Practical Training and Hands-on Mentoring, the critically important in-person component of our program that ties together virtual training in Course 1 and Course 2.

We are so proud to now have a talented and trusted team of trainers that stretches from one end of Canada to the other, responding to a growing demand for top-quality research-based medical aesthetics training.

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Here’s what Erin, Jess and Aundrea have to say about joining our team:

Erin Talbot RN –- Co-owner, Perfexion Skin, Calgary

Erin began her nursing career 20 years, working in ICU, cardiology and general medicine. Looking for get out of the busy hospital environment, Erin went into medical aesthetics as a nurse injector in 2005. She worked with Allergan, training plastic surgeons, dermatologists and nurses.

Tracey and Erin in Calgary

“I really loved the education part, so now that Tracey has hired me to join THMA Consulting, I get to do what I love.  I’m actually honoured to be part of her team. She is such a trail blazer, such an inspiration, and I’ve learned so much from her already. I think we have a great team. Even in different settings, we can all learn together and share ideas and goals.”

“My first training in Course 4 was in early August with two Alberta nurses. Tracey came out and I was happy to have her guiding me, offing moral support in the practical training and hands-on mentoring.”

“There wasn’t this type of training 10 years ago. We didn’t have private classes or courses that we could take to further our education, so we were on our own. kind of ‘cowboying it’ as far as what to do in practice. That’s why I’m excited to be part of this program. It’s really heart warming to assist nurses with their skills and competencies. There are now so many doors they can open with the training that THMA Consulting can offer.”

 Jessica Jacob NP – Owner, Jess Jacob Medical Aesthetics, Winnipeg

Jess was one of the first to train with THMA Consulting, travelling all the way from Winnipeg to Toronto in 2018. She graduated nursing 10 years ago and the Nurse Practitioner program in 2017. Jess was a pediatric nurse before moving into medical aesthetics. The last course 4 was in July and there are more wanting to be trained for September.

Jess observing injection training July 2018

“I am thrilled to be on Tracey’s training team. She is so well recognized as a top-notch educator in medical aesthetics and I love everything that she represents.”

“To see THMA Consulting grow so much since I first met Tracey is so exciting. I think more and more doctors and nurses will continue to be interested in medical aesthetics, and not just in Manitoba but across Canada. I’m happy to help Tracey with her company and her goals in any way I can. I love the training and the community of injectors who stay in touch with each other after the training. In a lot of other training program you finish .. and then what?”

“I’m proud to be doing training in the Foundations Course 4 in Winnipeg. I’ve trained two nurses in July and three more will be trained in September.  I love teaching people. It’s fun to see someone so excited about taking the program and doing their hands-on mentoring. I love watching their faces when they inject and see the results of their education and how the training all comes together.”

Aundrea Ritchie RN – Medical Aesthetics Injector, Vitality Medi-Spa, Halifax

Aundrea has been a nurse for 10 years and in medical aesthetics for nine years. She is a certified Nursing Aesthetic Specialist and is now enrolled in a Masters program for Nurse Practitioners. Aundrea has done Foundation Course training in Halifax with Tracey and then on her own in New Brunswick on August 24 and 25. Tracey and Aundrea got to know each other when they both volunteered in Haiti in 2019.

Aundrea with N.B. client Kelly Whalen

“I got to know Tracey in Haiti. She worked on her training program while there and shared her excitement about that with me. Happily, she got to know and trust me, too. It’s a real honour and privilege to work with her now.”

“When she asked me to join her team, I honestly felt pretty honoured to be considered good enough to be on her team. I am so happy to be part of the team and part of this community. Tracey and Jeanine have been in the game so long. It’s such a pleasure to share experiences with them and absorb as much as you can.”

“To instill confidence in new injectors gives me great pleasure because I know how scary it is starting out. I remember being nervous about the risks and responsibilities in this important job. If I can ease that anxiety in someone I teach, well, that makes both of us feel good. Patient safety is always our number one concern as injectors. We want to make sure we get best results in safest way possible. That is reflected through the THMA Consulting training program.”

Aundrea and Newfoundland trainee Carolann Riggs in Halifax.


Aundrea is licensed to train and mentor in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and can provide hands-on instruction for medical professions from P.E.I. and Newfoundland who can travel to Halifax.

Erin and Jess will also be available for One-on-One Mentoring in their respective provinces of Alberta and Manitoba.

Jacklyn Sudetic in Toronto, Tambra Tufford in Oakville, Ont., and Kathryn Woodcock and Angela Haff in Vancouver are the other members of our national team of selected trainers and mentors. They share with Erin, Jess and Aundrea a professional passion for patient care and all value safety and ethics in medical aesthetics.


More on the THMA Consulting National Team of Expert Trainers 


Foundation Course 4: Practical Training and Hands-on Mentoring

The comprehensive two days of training begins with a 4-hour review of Course 1 and Course 2 with an advanced focus on Practical Skills. The Hands-on Mentoring component on the second day includes procedure preparation and significant time for injecting selected models under direct supervision of an expert mentor. This 8-hour class is limited to four participants to encourage close, interactive discussions throughout the important injection sessions.


THMA Consulting is pleased to have accreditation and national recognition from the Canadian Nurses Association for the Foundation Courses in our Medical Aesthetics Preceptorship and Training Program.

Nurses who complete all four Foundation Courses in medical aesthetics training  will receive 40 Credit Hours that can be sent to Colleges as confirmation of skill maintenance.

The CNA Accreditation Program upholds standards of quality for continuing professional development for nurses in Canada.