Oakville Nurse is Taking Mentoring in a New Direction

Respected medical aesthetics trainer Tambra Tufford is continuing to open her Oakville clinic for THMA Consulting, helping new and experienced practitioners in southwest Ontario sharpen medical aesthetics skills and become safe and confident injectors.

Tambra one on one
Kaitlyn Dennis RN (r) with trainer Tambra Tufford: “Mentoring is vital!”

The One-on-One Mentoring component of our training program came about through feedback from clients who wanted opportunities to continue their practical education and hone their new skills. It was a great idea!

We recognized that jumping into your own practice after taking our Foundation Courses would be tough. The training program in itself is fantastic, but it’s the learned application of that knowledge that leads to a more proficient and safer practice.

We introduced One-on-One Mentoring in January. It was instantly popular. So popular we quickly needed to add new trainers.

Jacklyn Sudetic signed on in Thornhill. And to accommodate professionals from west of Toronto, I asked Tambra Tufford to join the THMA Consulting team as an expert mentor in Oakville.

Tambra is now booking for the fall

Tambra is well known and respected in the industry as knowledgeable, skilled and personable. She’s been a nurse since graduating from McMaster in 2007, and has worked in medical aesthetics for over 12 years.

As a trainer with Clarion Medical, she earned industry respect for making people feel comfortable.

“Whether it’s a patient or a trainee, I like making people feel good by turning insecurities into positives and improving their self-esteem,” Tambra said on the phone from Oakville. “It was an honour and very exciting that Tracey invited me to be a part of her team.”

“You can’t just take courses and fly on your own.” Read below what nurses say about mentoring

COVID-19 put all of our programs on hold for several months. But we are pleased to be again offering the One-on-One Mentoring. In a safe and mindful environment, of course.

Tambra will be doing most mentoring sessions at her Tufford Medical Aesthetics Clinc in Oakville, but can also take her training on the road.

“When first starting out, injectors can learn exponentially more from someone at the bedside with them, someone who’s been doing this a while,” Tambra says. ““I will mentor them, guide them, teach them, explain how or why you would do a procedure this way or that way.“

“I think its important for even the most experienced injectors, to continue to learn and grow.  Guidance is reassuring and makes everyone feel confident.”

To book a One-on-One Mentoring session, contact Tambra by email (tambra@tuffordmedical.com) or phone 905-515-3449.

Practitioners can book a half day or full day of mentoring, if they want to hone or learn different techniques. The cost is $150/hour for THMA Consulting members and $250 for non-members.

Elisa, Kaitlyn, Marlene, Noorin. March 2020

Here’s what these nurses had to say about their mentoring after completing the Foundation Courses program at THMA Consulting:

Elisa Shallow RN

“Mentoring to get reminders on safety and injection techniques and to practice your skills is crucial to new nurses like me. A lot of other training companies just give you a course and throw you out there.”

Kaitlyn Dennis RN

“The mentoring is vital. You need someone, a professional, right next to you. At least while you’re starting out. I’m so glad I have a lifelong connection with THMA Consulting.”

Marlene De Abreu RN

“It’s a great learning environment. That’s what I love about this program. I feel like I’m never alone and I can always reach out if I need help or have questions.”

Noorin Jamal NP

“To me, it’s all about being super safe. If someone is giving you the trust to work on their face, I want to make sure that I have the confidence, the knowledge, the skills and the judgement to be one of the best injectors in the field. THMA Consulting invests in us and goes the extra mile to see us succeed.”

Emma Wisken NP

Emma and Tracey

“This program spoke to me and I liked everything offered, including the ongoing mentoring following the training. You can’t just take courses and fly on your own.

It’s an ongoing learning process and you have to develop the skills over time to be comfortable and safe when injecting.  It’s very important to stay connected and take advantage of mentoring opportunities.”



THMA Consulting offers One-on-One Mentoring in Toronto, Oakville, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver. The cost is $150/hour for THMA Consulting members and $250 for non-members.

 If you have any questions or wish to book an appointment with any of our expert trainers, please drop us an email at  contact@thmaconsulting.com. Thank you for your continuing patronage.