Building a ‘Positive Environment’ for THMA Training in Ottawa

It starts with leadership and a goal to raise the training bar in medical aesthetics. Add expert staff, offer in-depth personalized training service, and then share high levels of support with all program participants. Welcome to Skin Logic Ottawa!

Maddi McFadden says she chose THMA for her education in Botox and fillers because of our reputation as a medical aesthetics training company with high standards and ongoing support.

Maddi McFadden mentoring at Skin Logic Ottawa.

The Foundation Course was awesome and the mentoring afterwards has been a really positive experience,” says Maddi, a nursing manager at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. “I’m happy I did the training in May 2022, and I’m happy doing as much mentoring as I can to make sure I’m super comfortable with those skills before practicing on my own.”

Maddi is using Skin Logic Ottawa as a ‘bridging clinic’ most every month, practicing on her own patients under the safe and supportive guidance of THMA clinical trainer Corey Akisanya NP and our expanding team in the Capital City area.

“The more you apply yourself, the better the patient experience will be in terms of comfort and safety. It’s as simple as that,” explains Corey, co-owner of Skin Logic Ottawa. “That’s why we give trainees the opportunity for continuing education and support at THMA.”

How to gain the comfort and confidence to open a medical aesthetics practice.

I first met Corey in 2018 when he was the model/patient in Foundation Course: Hands-on Training in Toronto for Jessica Jacob. Corey decided then and there that he would also pursue a career in medical aesthetics. Perhaps not coincidentally, both Jessica and Corey are now THMA clinical trainers and have recently expanded their  successful clinical practices in Winnipeg and Ottawa respectively.

Hard work and a passion for medical aesthetics bring success to Jessica Jacob in Winnipeg.

Corey is co-owner with Amanda Bastedo RN and Laura Halucha RN of Skin Logic Ottawa, a private clinic and THMA training centre on 11 Holland Ave in Ottawa.

“I never intended this to be a full time job. Now, this is all I do.  I feel  fortunate that I was able to come this far this quickly. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I love teaching and love injecting. And to put those two passions together has been great!”

Team Ottawa: Laura Halucha, Alex Boileau, Corey Akisanya, Amanda Bastedo and Sandra Carrillo.

“I am very excited about our THMA team in Ottawa,” says Amanda, who will offering the training as an authorized prescriber after completing her Nurse Practitioner training. “Each of our trainers offers a unique insight into medical aesthetics and strives to be the most up to date with current trends and techniques.”

The addition of Alex Boileau to Team Ottawa brings the number of THMA trainers in the capital to five.  Alex took THMA training in 2022, and was added to the Skin Logic staff soon after.  She learned fast and read everything she could about Botox, fillers and medical aesthetics. Alex mentored with the Ottawa team for months, and sat in as an observer in Hands-on Training sessions. Corey says they were immediately impressed with her eagerness to improve and advance.

THMA training with Corey.

“The more you learn, the better the patient experience in terms of comfort and safety. It’s as simple as that. We saw in Alex that she put her education and the patient’s safety first. So I decided to slowly integrate her onto the THMA training team … and here we are.”

“I have the best boss ever,” Alex beams. “If I hadn’t trained with THMA I wouldn’t be working at Skin Logic today. And now I’m part of the training team, helping people develop skills and achieve goals. I’m very happy and excited!”

Corey says the nurse-led THMA team In Ottawa will give participants a depth of training and follow-up mentoring that is unavailable anywhere else. From facial anatomy and assessments to techniques and treatments, it’s full and complete training with a more personalized approach.

Ottawa also hosts THMA Training Workshops in Sclerotherapy, PRP and DA Treatments.

“You won’t have a group of 5 or 10 here listening to just one trainer and all taking turns on just one patient.   We schedule it so that every trainee is with one trainer for each of their models or patients.  That rotation adds layered components of experience and expertise to the education of each trainee. The individual but collaborative approach makes it a better learning environment for both the trainers and injectors.”

THMA bridging clinics can fill the void between courses and careers.

Maddi  in 2022.

The expanded Ottawa team also means more opportunities for injectors like Maddi McFadden to come in for mentoring. Medical aesthetics is no different than other medical professions in that continuing education gives you the skills and confidence to be good and safe at the job. At THMA and Skin Logic Ottawa, mentoring and endless support are commitments we make and strongly promote.

THMA Mentoring is now offered as a learning package for non-member injectors.

What I saw in Corey years ago is now shaping his professional growth.  In just three years, Corey has surrounded himself with medical professional who are just like him. Co-owners Amanda and Laura share the same core values and sense of what’s important in medical aesthetics. The team at Skin Logic Ottawa is united and strong, raising the bar in practice and training.

“It’s an incredible job, one that I feel very lucky to have,” says Laura, who took THMA’s Foundation Courses five years ago. “With each training I do I strive to help new injectors feel comfortable to learn, ask questions and leave feeling confident. They become a party of our little Ottawa family when they walk out of our doors. ”

“It’s a great clinic with a great staff that is dedicated to medical aesthetics,” agrees Maddi. “It really is a positive environment where you always feel well supported.”

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