Joining With Prollenium to Raise the Bar in Training

When Prollenium, a Canadian company with a goal to be an industry leader in providing safe, effective facial aesthetic products, asked to help them streamline training and education for their clients, I gladly embraced the opportunity.

I do love training.

Prollenium training in PEI

I closed my clinical practice in medical aesthetics to concentrate on THMA Consulting’s slate of training courses, workshops and mentoring. But following discussions with Prollenium, I’m excited to be taking on the position of  National Clinical Director of Training and Education.

This will in no way have any effect on THMA.  My passion is still to make my company a national leader in training and mentoring in medical aesthetics. That works continues with the support of our gifted THMA clinical trainers coast to coast.

I’ve always been up for new challenges, and this complementary position is right in my wheelhouse. It’s about education, best practices, and elevating standards. It requires me to be responsible for hands-on leadership and guidance of the Prollenium Aesthetic Clinical Educators (PACE) field training team. I will also:

  • Identify, hire/train, and manage the Prollenium trainers.
  • Train PACE member on best clinical practices, according to approved clinical manual and related Prollenium materials.
  • Provide oversight and team compliance of the use of approved clinical practices for the use of Prollenium Canada products.
  • Reinforce learning continuously to ensure consistency among team and adherence to Prollenium guidelines.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, corporate policies and procedures.


Gerrie Obi is the Executive Director of Medical Affairs for Prollenium.

Prollenium is a Canadian company based in Richmond Hill, Ont., and is the only company in North America that manufactures Hyaluronic Acid serums. Accounts are held by anyone in medical aesthetics who purchases and uses this for medical aesthetics treatments. Those account holders are trained on how to best use those products.

In a nutshell, my leadership responsibility is to elevate the education level and streamline training services with account holders. Proper training will be in compliance with industry standards (Health Canada, provincial colleges, public health) as well as Prollenium’s goals and objectives.

Prollenium’s Mission: To be an innovative, customer-focused company that is committed to providing safe, effective, and novel facial aesthetic products that achieve the results that both patients and healthcare practitioners desire.
Cadaver lab participants in Vancouver.

Back in April, Prolennium needed assistance in organizing a cadaver lab in Vancouver, so they me asked to help them out , because I’ve done many of these educational events.  I did and was impressed with the high level of education they shared. In May I met with a member of Prollenium’s  education branch and talks began on taking their training reins.

Going forward with this new position, I will also organize and assist with Prollenium cadaver labs in Canada.  As an aside, it’s where I first met Mark Harbora who is now our THMA clinical trainer in Edmonton and will continue to assist with cadaver labs.

Alberta Trainer Will Promote Safety and Ongoing Support for THMA

Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc. | LinkedInI’ve enjoyed working with Prollenium in the past and really like the direction the company is going now. They have lofty and admirable plans in regards to how they want to present their education. I’m thrilled to do my part to help make them achieve their goals!

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