Bridging Clinics ‘Void the Gap’ Between Courses and Career

We’ve heard it said many times: the thought of being cut loose to go off by yourself after medical aesthetics training is just plain scary. We get it. That’s why we providing novice injectors with a network of professional clinics to practice skills and gain confidence.

Irene Laureta training on Masseter injections

That fear of going it alone is most understandable. That’s why we believe it’s fundamentally important for nurses and physicians who have completed our Foundation Courses to have an opportunity to continue their aesthetics education with us through our THMA Bridging Clinics. It’s about sharping those skills, practicing what they’ve learned and picking up new tips on techniques and treatments.

With all that ongoing education and practice comes the confidence to get out there and perform procedures skillfully and safely.

THMA Consulting Training Centres and Bridging Clinics

The THMA Consulting National Training Centre and Bridging Clinic is at Timeless Medical Aesthetics in Markham, Ont. The following regional training centres in Ontario will also serve as bridging clinics:

The prototype for these professionally-monitored clinics is our new THMA Consulting Training Centre and Bridging Clinic at Skin Logic Ottawa. The THMA Bridging Clinics will serve as safe and comfortable environments for:

Caira Nyitray at a THMA bridging clinic .

The same ethical practices and high safety standards that we empathize in training are forwarded as working principles for practitioners looking to prepare now for a job tomorrow.

“There is a gap between when people complete training and go to work,” says Corey Akisanya, one of our team of THMA clinical trainers in Ottawa. “It’s natural that coming out of training you might lack the confidence to do the procedures, even with the best training in Canada. So, its important to continue with those practical and procedural skills we learned in our THMA training.”

“Our THMA Bridging Clinic voids the gap, giving people the place and time to work on their skills, bolster their confidence and prepare them for work in the industry.”

THMA selected its team of trainers and mentors – Corey included – because of their outstanding aesthetics talents as well as their passion for patient care and communication skills.

One-on-One Mentoring with Corey Akisanya

“Personally, I love it,” says Corey, who previously lectured at the Algonquin campus of Ottawa University. “It’s perfect now that I can combine my love of teaching and love of medical aesthetics in the THMA Bridging Clinic.”

Along with the chance to review facial anatomy, pharmacology, assessments and risk management, Bridging Clinic attendees can also expect new tips on techniques and treatments. The learning never ends in medical aesthetics.

As ethical injectors, safe as well as skilled, they know that work in these controlled environments is appropriate by College standards, especially when comparing with alternatives in homes or anywhere outside a medical clinic.