Things are Really Looking Up for Jessica Jacob

We are so proud of Jessica Jacob. She was one of the very first nurses we trained at THMA Consulting. She would become a successful injector in Winnipeg, and a trusted trainer for us. Now, Jessica is opening her own clinic! Dreams can come true!

To say it’s been a long journey in medical aesthetics for Jessica Jacob NP would be an understatement.

The doors at 340 Stafford St. are open!

“It’s been a long process but very exciting,” Jessica told us just before opening her Injection Nurse Skin Clinic in Winnipeg on April 1. “The shortage of nurses here doing medical aesthetics – and doing their own thing in their own space – really motivated me and gave me a goal. I’m so happy that it’s finally coming true!”

It was almost five years ago when I first met Jessica. She came to Toronto for Foundation Course training with THMA Consulting. One of our very first trainees!

From Winnipeg to Toronto for training with one goal in mind: “I want to open my own business!”

The interest in medical aesthetics that would eventually lead her to us sprouted a few years after Jessica moved to Winnipeg from her hometown of Halifax to study nursing. Her husband gave her an online eBook from the United States about medical aesthetics, thinking she might in interested in this growing medical field.

Justin was right. Jessica was immediately intrigued!

“I reached out to the author Haley Wood for more information, and she said you should contact Tracey Hotta, that she’s starting a training program in Canada. I contacted Tracey, we talked about her program, and I took the training in 2018.”

Jess did THMA training in 2018.

Interesting aside #1.

Jessica’s model/patient in her Hands-on Training component of our Foundation Courses was Corey Akisanya. He would take our training soon after that. Like Jessica, Corey is now one of our top-flight clinical trainers and is the co-owner of his own clinic at Skin Logic Ottawa.

Funny how things unfold!

Jessica started in the business 14 years ago with a Winnipeg dermatologist before setting off on her own by renting space at various facilities. Her most recent spot was at Oak & Prairie where she was an injector and the medical director. In 2020, she became a clinical trainer for THMA Consulting. Throughout this time, Jessica knew what she was capable of and recognized bigger opportunities for her.

A patient in the pink with Injection Nurse Jess.

“There weren’t any nurse-led clinics in medical aesthetics here in Winnipeg, ” Jessica says.  “Being one of the first nurse practitioners to really get into that in Manitoba would make me stand separate from the competition with plastic surgeons and dermatologists. I knew having my own nurse-led clinic would be unique and would also be fun.”

There was, of course, a lot of hard work to go from that dream to where she is today. Lots of planning ups and downs, the challenge of finding the right place, purchasing equipment and hiring staff; it was  a tonne of work. But worth it!

”I’m relieved now to be in a space I can call home. I have a really good team. I hired a nurse injector and a medical assistant. We’re a good group who work together as a team, sharing the same goals.”

Hands-on Training in Winnipeg.

Jessica will continue to train for THMA Consulting in her new clinic. The first Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training at Injection Nurse Skin Clinic is on May 9th and 10th. With assistance from staffers Brittany Dyck and Kelsey Pasternak, Jessica will also be doing Peer-to-Peer Mentoring. She will soon be offering workshops in the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements for THMA Consulting.

“I’m excited about having the space now for more training and more mentoring. When I started there was no mentoring.  You need that someone to give you guidance after training, someone who can help you learn and you can contact when encountering difficulties. Mentoring is so important and I’m happy I do that for people through THMA Consulting.”

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring: watch, learn, practice, share experiences

With her business acumen, aesthetics skills and passion for patient care, we have no doubts that Jessica will be very successful. We are extremely grateful that she is on our THMA Consulting training team, and with her Injection Nurse Skin Clinic as a beautiful new training and mentoring centre in Winnipeg.

Interesting aside #2.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for BDI ice cream!

Jessica and her husband own the legendary Bridge Drive In at the foot of the Elm Park Bridge in Winnipeg. Known locally as the BDI, it’s just the best place in Winnipeg to get ice cream.  Her favorite:  hot fudge sundae with peach slices and Oreo crumbs and vegan ice cream!

That’s our Jess – an adventurous taste, an impeccable talent, a caring professional. Good things come to good people!

Injection Nurse Skin Clinic. 340 Stafford St, Winnipeg. (204) 291-7282.