Raising the Training Bar Again to Meet Industry Growth

It’s goodbye to a stellar year of ever-evolving training in medical aesthetics in 2023, and hello to even more positive changes and industry growth in the New Year. We have our THMA clients and their excellent suggestions to thank for much of that!

Welcome Changes in 2023

THMA training with Corey Akisanya in Ottawa.

We love to train and mentor in medical aesthetics. We also listen and learn from the many professionals who come to us for an evidence-based education in medical aesthetics. It was through our post-training course evaluations that we took your constructive feedback and created positive changes to THMA training. That included the separation of neuromodulators and dermal fillers into individual components in our Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course. In order to register for THMA training, nurses are required to have a year of post-graduation nursing experience.

We also now grant trainees the ability to receive the recorded link of virtual training components of the Foundation Course modules and absorb the complete training on your own time with THMA. We still encourage participants to do the Foundation Courses ‘in-person’ as live interactivity allows for questions, answers and clarifications. But we know that how busy everyone is and that time can be limited. This is now a welcome option.

More Advanced Workshops, Please!

 We heard you, and are developing new training workshops to accommodate both providers and patients. We are very excited to launch a Biostimulator Master Course this year. The workshop is designed for medical aesthetics practitioners with advanced experience in soft tissue fillers and who wish to significantly improve their technical skills with acquired knowledge and use of biostimulators (like Sculptra, Radiesse and Bellafill). The workshops with THMA clinical trainers Corey Akisanya and Jessica Jacob will be offered in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Markham and Halifax.

We removed lip treatments from the Foundation Course to give that training a required full focus on skills and patient safety in the advanced Art of Science of Lip Enhancements workshop. The workshops highlight harmony and balance for youthful and aging lips. Patient safety is our top priority, and that comes within-depth training. Lip Enhancement workshops (as well as workshops in DA and PRP Treatments) are offered throughout Ontario and in THMA training centres across Canada.

We are also moving forward with a comprehensive two-day mentoring workshop for medical aesthetics professional who did not take our Foundation Course, but want access to our nationally recognized experience-based fillers and Botox training.  More details on the ‘non-member mentoring’ workshop can be found here.

Recognizing Quality Training

We are proud to receive accreditation for our Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course for Botulinum Toxin A and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers from the Canadian Nurses Association. The distinction recognizes that years of clinical experience, evidence-based research and critical thinking have gone into our in-depth education program. With the Foundation Course fully vetted by a credentialing body, nurses will receive 40 credit hours for successfully completing the full course.

“It was important for me to invest in an education that is accredited and recognized by the Canadian Nurses Association.” – THMA trainee Meg Dowding RN, North Bay, Ont

Introducing APANS

THMA is thrilled to support the development of a new Authorized Prescriber for Aesthetic Nurses Society (APANS) in 2024.  Established by THMA clinical trainer Jennifer Holman, APANS “unites Authorized Prescribers and implementers to ensure excellence in aesthetics care, ethical practices, professional standards and values, and top-quality care for patients.” The association serves as a forum and support group to guide nurses towards an understanding of authorized collaboration and trust in aesthetics practices.

Jennifer also teaches a THMA virtual Supplementary Course on the Role and Responsibilities of Authorized Prescribers in Medical Aesthetics.

 Forecast for Growth in Medical Aesthetics

Looking back, 2023 was a stellar year for THMA. We worked with our colleagues to continue raising the training bar in medical aesthetics. And we’re pleased that the vast majority of THMA trainees are now practicing medical aesthetics in established clinics or in their own practices.

“I’m Building Myself the Coolest Job in the World!” – Alicia Moses RN, Halifax NS

Looking forward, we see room for overall growth in medical aesthetics in 2024. Demand for treatments continues to rise. Patients are becoming more educated about Botox and medical aesthetics, and will research the training qualifications behind the professional services. My advice is for nurses to use their training to their advantage. Not only for providing top-quality treatments, but for marketing purposes as well.

I do believe it’s becoming increasing important for providers to offer a treatment portfolio that goes beyond Botox and fillers. Laser and skincare, micro-needling and biostimulators are among the advanced options that will attract and maintain a loyal patient base. If you build it, they will come!

At THMA, we resolve to uphold the highest standards in education as we use our accredited experience to train and mentor providers for safe and successful careers. We will continue to provide mentoring and support long after training ends. We will offer ongoing education in virtual Professional Development presentations every week and Symposiums in Ottawa and Halifax later this year.

We wish each and everyone of our trainees, past and in the future, a very happy New Year and a prosperous career in medical aesthetics!

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