Eight Great Ways to Reach Higher in THMA Training

What’s the secret to success in medical aesthetics and Botox training with THMA? THMA trainer Gina Maalouf RN says the professional people who succeed in training and beyond are enthusiastic and consistently striving for excellence.

Gina and an eye for training.

It is an honour and our great pleasure at THMA to help  professionals eager to succeed in medical aesthetics reach for the top. We love providing high-level training in medical aesthetics and are proud to see our THMA trainees climb the ladder of success.

This question was posed to us recently: What qualities do the successful injectors have that help them ace their training and rise to the top in medical aesthetics? It begins, of course, with a real commitment to patient care. Most nurses and doctors have that in their DNA. So, success is what the great trainees create for themselves, right from the moment they begin training.

THMA clinical trainer Gina Maalouf at Omorphi Aesthetics in Oshawa has put more thought into this and shares her valued insights.

Eight Great Training Traits

  • Initiative: Goes beyond basic tasks to actively seek opportunities to contribute, showing enthusiasm and a proactive approach to learning.
  • Problem-solving: Works to identify and solve challenges independently.
  • Attention to Detail: Pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the quality and accuracy of their work, and going the extra mile to deliver excellence.
  • Feedback Reception: Views feedback as a tool for growth rather than criticism, using it constructively to improve performance. They
  • Collaboration:  Works well with others and contributes positively through effective communication and collaboration.
  • Flexibility: Adapts well to change and quickly learns from new or different training situations.
  • Proactive Learning: Seeks to expand knowledge and skills with a genuine interest in learning.
  • Ownership: Demonstrates a real sense of accountability for their work and its outcomes.

Gina does Hands-on Training in the THMA Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course at Look Timeless in Markham.

Aimee McAnsh and Gina at Omorphi.

She is also a trusted trainer in the Art and Science of Lips Enhancements Workshop at her Omorphi Aesthetics Clinic in Oshawa. Aimee McAnsh NP of Bracebridge ON completed a workshop with Gina, and passed along this fabulous feedback:

“I genuinely appreciate Gina’s knowledge, skill and mentorship in teaching lip enhancements. Her attention to detail and thorough explanation of technique, along with her calm demeanor, helped me to solidify theory and practice for great outcomes on two models. I will absorb all clinical pearls Gina has taught me and can’t wait to master my lip techniques. I fully anticipate booking additional aesthetics training with Gina and THMA in the future.”

The Art and Science of Lip Enhancements workshops with Gina at Omorphi in Oshawa on the second Tuesday of every month. Register here.

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