The Time has Come to Talk of Change

It’s always sad to see summer end. September 2022 will be even more emotional for me personally. I’m closing my clinical practice in medical aesthetics and will now focus my time and energy exclusively on training.

Remember this from the Lewis Carroll poem? The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things …

The Walrus is right.

It’s time. It’s time to begin the final phase of my career. It’s time to close my clinical practice and focus full-time on training. It’s time to move forward.

Looking to the future!

The good-byes are already underway. I’ve shared my ‘departure’ plans to most of my current patients.

The closure and farewell are made easier because we have wonderful nurses to continue caring for them at Timeless Medical Aesthetics. Julia Baldwin, Sigrid Kreuzer and Michele Cluff are talented injectors (trained through THMA Consulting) and are warm and welcoming professionals.

My patients will definitely be in good hands!

Most understand that all good things do come to an end at some point. Sad but true. I’m glad they support my excitement and wish me well as I reach closer to full retirement.


I’m not quite done yet. There’s lots to do and more I want to accomplish before hanging it up completely.

The training I do for THMA Consulting and other companies will be the hard focus now.

Raising the training bar at THMA Consulting!

I am thrilled by what has been accomplished in THMA Consulting after 5 years: a national team of skilled trainers, quality courses developed through science and clinical evidence, strong mentorship and ongoing support.

But that bar on medical aesthetics can always be raised higher! So, I’ll put even more energy in training and teaching now.

Development of a certification exam for Canadian nurses in medical aesthetics on the horizon 

With greatly reduced clinical requirements, I’ll have the time and ability to develop more courses, work directly with my trainers nd set up Professional Development Symposiums in their cities.

That will be awesome. But that won’t be all that is keeping me busy.

I’ve signed on with a U.S. company to do virtual training in the TITAN Aesthetic Injector Preparation courses. I will be teaching the weekly course ‘Teach your Brain How to Inject’.

InstaLift training in Montreal.

I will continue working for Suneva Medical Affairs, assigning the national trainers to teach medical professionals on how to properly perform Plasma IQ, InstaLift and Bellafill treatments, using best practice protocols.

My clinical work is not completely over as  I will continue to do specialty procedures (InstaLift and Bellafill) for patients a two days a month at Timeless.

THMA Consulting moves its National Training Centre to the Timeless Medical Aesthetics in Markham.

Moving my practice and THMA Consulting to the Markham clinic was a pivotal decision. The beautiful facility is a top-notch professional medical clinic with some of the best injectors in greater Toronto.

Niala Kalliecharan – NP, expert trainer and aesthetics entrepreneur.

It’s also home to the national training centre for THMA Consulting where we have several expert clinical trainers leading and collaborating on Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training, and on advanced Supplementary Course workshops in DA Treatments, PRP Treatments and the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements.

Niala Kalliecharan: skilled NP, a medical aesthetics entrepreneur and an expert clinical trainer.

I should add that along with this professional change I will be spending more time in Atlantic Canada. It’s my home, where I grew up and first became a nurse.

We have THMA Consulting training centres  in Miramichi NB, Halifax and St. John’s NL, but there’s a growing need for an even stronger presence in Atlantic Canada.

In fact, this ‘retirement’ from my clinical practice will give me more time to travel to THMA Consulting training centres east and west. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do more. Now I can!


Thousands of patients, millions of memories.

I’ve had thousands of patients over a 32-year career in medical aesthetics, some of whom I literally grew up with. These are people my age who have been with me since the beginning, following me from place to place, always part of my life.

It’s with very mixed emotions I bid farewell to my patients. I will miss them and thank them all for their friendship, loyalty and love.

But as the Walrus said, it is time. It’s been a long and wonderful journey, with few real regrets and many great memories.

It’s challenging – as the nurses who are trained with us learn – to scale walls and climb over hurdles to make an independent practice viable and successful.  We all need support in doing this.

THMA team of expert trainers includes colleagues Aundrea Ritchie (Halifax) and Jackie Connors (St. John’s).

For the many who came to me or stood beside me I am eternally grateful. Respect is earned, trust is cherished.

This next and last phase in my career will be a pinnacle on top of a solid foundation of all that I learned and all who I’ve met before this. I wouldn’t be so confident about doing this without you.

Thank you, one and all.

Success is measured by the success of others!