Barbados Doctor Comes 4000 km for Training

It’s a good question. How did a doctor from Barbados hear about THMA Consulting and decide that our training would perfectly prepare her for an independent practice in medical aesthetics?

Chalk it up to two things: an earned reputation for quality training and good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing. That brought Dr. Varuna Manoo to us, and we welcome her to the THMA Consulting family!

Dr. Varuna Manoo

Originally from Trinidad and an anesthesiologist now in Barbados, Varuna was in Toronto doing a fellowship in pain medicine when she first heard about us. Laughingly describing herself as “a little beat up” by the work and long hours, she went to a local clinic for a refreshing touch of Botox.

Varuna says she had been thinking her own comfort and knowledge with using needles for pain management could allow her to take on injections in medical aesthetics to nicely enhance her professional portfolio.

The visit to that clinic turned on a switch.

“I asked the nurse who she might recommend for training,” said Varuna on the phone from Barbados. “And she said THMA Consulting is the way to go, the best place to go for learning about medical aesthetics procedures and practices.

“I was impressed that she said that, and after researching online I registered for THMA training.”

Confidence in Injecting

Varuna took our virtual training in Foundation Courses 1-3 on January 4-5. Ten days later, in the snowstorm of the year she cautiously travelled to our national training centre at Timeless Medical Aesthetics in Markham, to take her Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training.

Facial anatomy knowledge promotes better safety and outcomes.

“It’s a solid course from beginning to end,” Varuna told us. “The study of anatomy and pharmacology was comprehensive and prepared me to inject patients in Course 4. The only way to get confidence in injecting your first patient is to just do it.

“Tracey was a big help. I remember actually asking her, ‘okay, you do one side of the face and show me and I will do the other side.’ It was so good to have her expertise and support beside me.”

Varuna’s Foundation Course 4 training was at Timeless in Markham.

Varuna also knows that that support will continue from this time forward as she establishes a practice. All trainees can contact THMA Consulting for assistance, even they are 4,000 kilometres away.

In fact, she’s already reached out to Niala Kalliecharan, our expert clinical trainer and owner of Timeless, for advice on treating lines on a patient’s face.

“It’s real assuring and a real boost to your confidence to know have a team backing you who you can call them up and say, ‘hey, what do you think?’”

Varuna recently returned to Toronto (her ‘third home’ now, she says) for our workshop on the Art and Science of Lip Enhancements. It was fun, she says, and important to learn how to provide treatments based on anatomical knowledge and individual desires

Tailor each Treatment

“I think there’s too much of a cookie cutter approach to cosmetics these days. They all look the same. That’s not what patients want and that’s not what I want. I want to tailor each treatment for their needs.

“I trust my eye when it comes to balance and what looks good and what doesn’t. I love combining the art and science.”

Varuna says she’ll be returning to Toronto for one-on-one mentoring and more training when the opportunities arise. I’m sure that with more confidence in dermal fillers she will find a good niche market for her skills in Barbados.

I told her that now that THMA Consulting is an ‘international company’, I just might travel to that beautiful island country to help her out, too!

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