Up-To-Date Learning Motivates Nursing Injectors

Why did Karen Kohm travel all the way from Saskatchewan to check out a THMA Consulting ongoing education event in Thornhill? Primarily, it was for the same reason – and the same two words – that many others attended, too.

Patient safety.

“I came here because of the reputation this training program has for continuing education,” said Kohm, a Registered Nurse who has had her own medical aesthetics practice in Regina for seven years. “It’s always important to invest in your career and to invest in the safety of your patients.

“Being in practice myself, I always want to set a high standard of patient care. Basically, that comes down the safety of patients because at the end of the day that’s what matters most.”


Our Professional Development Symposiums offer on-going educational opportunities to enhance your confidence as medical aesthetics practitioners and the safety of your patients.

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The June event in Thornhill focused on recognizing and treating various injection complications. We also discussed advertising rules,  College of Nurses of Ontario standards and guidelines within a practitioner’s Scope of Practice and an analysis of specific disciplinary actions taken by the CNO and CPSO.

“This is why it’s important to keep getting educated,” said Kohm. “This industry is very fluid, constantly changing, and you need to keep up.”

Other nurses attending the symposium on June 13 echoed the Regina nurse’s comments and sentiments:

On Patient Safety

 “Patient safety is always Number 1, especially in this medical field. Tracey and THMA are always on top of the latest guidelines and newest information, so I’m here to learn and keep my practice safe. Knowing we are following proper protocols is essential to our practice, to our license and ultimately to patient safety.” – Rhonda Gallant

“A lot of educators don’t want to talk about complications, but THMA Consulting takes the initiative to explain and examine scenarios, such as vascular occlusions.  It’s great to get up-to-date advice on what to do if complications occur, teaching us tips on how to immediately and efficiently respond to those situations.” – Sabrina Binyamin

“What I like about THMA Consulting is they are very up-to-date on new policies and procedures, ethical standards and safety standards. Right now, as nursing injectors, we’re coming up against opposition from dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Ongoing education can prove we have strong knowledge, skills and judgement to work within our scope of practice and protect the safety of our patients.”– Sandra Skerritt

On Continuing Education

“Things are always changing here so its really important to stay on top of new trends that can make a difference in people’s lives. I like making people feel good about themselves and boost their confidence.” – Melanie Photopoulos

“This keeps your education current on do’s and don’ts, bringing us up-to-speed on what we should be doing in practices and what complications to look out for. It benefits me because I know the questions I should ask before joining a facility so I don’t jeopardize my license.” – Elisa Shallow 

“I come to these symposiums because Tracey and Jeanine are always on the leading edge of patient safety, which to me is our top priority in nursing. This field is constantly changing so coming here to learn about new evidence-based practices is the best way to keep up-to-date. I recommend going to THMA Consulting, 100 per cent.” – Beverley Postill

On THMA Consulting Symposiums

“It’s a great way to connect with fellow colleagues. We can share with nurses doing the same line of work and experiencing the same issues we face on a day-to-day basis. The products are changing, the areas of the face are we are treating are evolving. It’s not just cheeks and nasolabial folds any more. It’s temples, jawlines, chin and tear troughs.” – Jacklyn Suketic

“Tracey has been guiding me through my professional life for many years. She is well known in the industry as an authority on learning and knowledge, so whatever we learn at these excellent symposiums is always authentic and always reliable.” – Callie Dunn


Thank you Karen and the 40 other nurses for attending this learning event. We are truly impressed, though not really surprised, that our nursing colleagues offer so many words of wisdom on their profession. We also appreciate the warm comments about our commitment to continue your medical aesthetics education. Feel free to add additional comments below!

Next up: A THMA Consulting Professional Development Symposium August 24 in Kanata, Ont.