A Huge Heart and a Passion for Helping People

What does a street nurse who has worked in the darkest corners of society have in common with a nurse injector in medical aesthetics? Tim Misener knows. He’s lived in both worlds. And his perspectives on compassion and care are inspiring.

Tim Misener: “Motivated to help people”

Tim  Misener is excited about returning the field of medical aesthetics.

“In reality, this is no different than any other field of medicine,” said Tim, who took Foundations Courses training with THMA Consulting earlier this year. “It’s all about helping people feel better.”

He started in cosmetics 20 years ago soft aesthetics (such as facials) before getting his RPN diploma and assisting a plastic surgeon in Kitchener with injectable dermal fillers and neurotoxins.

He would take his technical talents and “artist’s eye for aesthetics” to Toronto, studying to become an RN, and joining a team of dermatologists to help them grow the cosmetic side of their business.

But then Tim’s career path took a different turn.

It started with voluntary work in Kitchener with people suffering from addiction in a needle exchange program. That passion for helping people would then lure him away from clinical work and out onto the streets of Toronto to work with vulnerable communities.

“A portion of whatever money I make will go back into social programs to help the people I’ve come to love as a volunteer.” – Tim Misener

His focus was young people in the LGBTQ2+ community who had turned to drugs to escape the pain of abuse and sexual trauma, or were thrown out of their homes after coming out to their parents. They needed help. And as a street nurse, Tim provided them with a way to receive professional care and proper treatment.

“I was motivated to help people,” he says. “It was a very rewarding experience. But also, a humbling journey.”

The overdose death of a patient he was trying to help was devastating, and Tim says he knew then he had to find some balance.

“As much as I loved my street nursing, I realized I missed my former career in injectables. So, looked at it seriously and took the plunge.”

A medical colleague encouraged his return to medical aesthetics.  And for training recommended “these amazing nurses in Thornhill.”

“After checking out THMA Consulting online and talking to Tracey about her training program, I knew this is where I had to go to be a top-notch injector.”

We are flattered and honoured that Tim chose us for his medical aesthetics training and One-on-One Mentoring.

Future success will come from his attention to detail, the caring compassion and his great assessment and communication skills. Not surprisingly, he is a strong proponent of patient safety.

“Pretending that nothing adverse will ever happen is so dangerous,” he says.

Tim is now exploring his options in medical aesthetic,  letting his career “bloom and blossom,” as he says. In the meantime, he will continue work with the Inner City Health Team in Toronto.

“Even as this career develops, I will always put a portion of whatever money I make will go back into what I’m doing now as a nurse, and into social programs to help the people I’ve come to love as a volunteer.”

This we know for sure about Tim Misener. His heart is as big as his potential.


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