Newfoundland Nurse on a Yearlong Road to Success

Carolann Riggs NP has gone to great lengths to acquire the knowledge and skills to be an excellent medical aesthetics injector. Travelling from Newfoundland for THMA Consulting training in Toronto and Halifax, Carolann proves that dedication and hard work can breed success.

The Christmas greeting we received from Carolann Riggs last week warmed the cockles of our hearts.

“I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all your support this past year. I think back to one year ago when I was a little nervous, searching for education, while also excited to be starting a new journey in medical aesthetics.” -Carolann Riggs, Dec. 18

We first met on Jan. 23, 2020, when Carolann left a snowstorm in Newfoundland to fly to Toronto and take our Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics. Most of our course participants share a commitment to excel. Carolann took that to the highest level.

Foundation Courses training in Thornhill

She was serious about her training and her goals.  While taking the training, she was also preparing to open an independent practice in her hometown of Burin, NL.

“Everything is coming together to open my clinic this Saturday. I was booked up about a half-hour after I made my posting with consultations. I am nervous but excited. You are all the best and I hoping to see you again for more training.” – CR, Feb. 24

It’s a declared policy of THMA Consulting to be there for participants after they compete the courses. As she did during training, Carolann continued to ask questions and reached out regularly to us for advice and guidance.

Touch & Glow Medical Aesthetics in Burin, NL, opened on February 29. Unfortunately, that was just before COVID-19 was declared a national pandemic. Her business stalled, but Carolann’s quest for learning continued.

She registered for a series of THMA Consulting online presentations we did in the spring. She also reviewed her training by monitoring our new Virtual Training Courses.

“It was a wonderful review. Really enjoyed it and now I feel much more comfortable. I wish I could go back to my business now.” – CR, April 5

Carolann would return to work a couple months later. COVID put a damper on business, she said, but the time away allowed her time to evaluate her skill set.

She knew of the benefits in using cannulas in medical aesthetics treatments, but Carolann wasn’t confident enough to do that in practice.

“I need more training. I read your Blog and noticed you now have a trainer in Halifax. I have not been using the cannula to inject because I am not comfortable with that. I can’t come to Toronto (because of the Atlantic bubble). Is there any way I can get some mentoring in Halifax?” – CR, Aug.4

Yes, there was.

Carolann would travel to Nova Scotia for One-on-One Mentoring on Sept. 17. Our regional expert Aundrea Ritchie trained her on the proper methods of cannula injections. Aundrea said Carolann took to the skill like a fly to honey and showed incredible ability.

The respectful admiration was mutual.

Cannula training: Aundrea and Carolann in Halifax

 “What can I say except Aundrea is awesome. I feel confident now to use the cannula in my practice. I had a wonderful few hour training and it was definitely worth the travel.” – CR, Sept 20

Carolann was then back on her road to success. She returned to Touch and Glow with the added confidence to serve her patients even better.

Her accomplishments in this challenging year are a testament to her dedication to the medical aesthetics profession and to her burning desire to excel as a nurse injector and independent practitioner.

“Well, here I am today with an exploding new business on the Burin Peninsula in Newfoundland that is growing more and more every day. We are very fortunate to be living in Newfoundland where the COVID-19 cases are low and everything is still open while taking precautions and maintaining social distancing. I cannot wait for this to be over so I can come visit again and learn some new techniques. Enjoy the holidays and stay safe” – CR, Dec 18

We are so proud of Carolann. Congratulations and Merry Christmas from THMA Consulting.