THMA Training Course Tackles Hyperhidrosis

THMA Consulting is pleased to offer medical aesthetics practitioners a new Supplementary Course that through evidence-based learning and training will be a ‘life changer’ for many patients.

The Hyperhidrosis Treatment training course provides thorough knowledge and clinical expertise on the use of neurotoxin injections that deliver a safe and effective solution to the challenges of excessive sweating.

Offering evidence-based education to treat hyperhidrosis.

The online Supplementary Course will give experienced injectors skillset to control the problem of symptomatic hyperhidrosis at its source.

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis have eccrine glands that overreact to stimuli (such as exercise, heat, hormones or emotions) and produce more sweat than is necessary.

Research on the effects of hyperhidrosis found emotional disruption in the person’s psychological status because of excessive sweating. Patients suffer a significant impact on their ability to participate in daily activities and social interactions.

Excessive sweating can be socially and professionally debilitating

Properly applied injections of a botulinum toxin (such as Botox, the only neurotoxin approved by Health Canada for axillary hyperhidrosis) will block nerve signals and stop the sweat glands from producing too much sweat.

The treatment results in good long-lasting resolutions for the patient.

Topical approaches to excessive sweating don’t work well at all. But when sufferers discover how well neurotoxins work it makes a huge improvement to their quality of life.

These treatments aren’t as available as they could and should be in clinical practices. But the therapeutic value of Hyperhidrosis Treatments and the life changing benefits to patients can make this a win-win for everyone.

Register Here for Hyperhidrosis Treatment Training on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

“A safe, rapid and effective way to treat hyperhidrosis.”

Therapeutic Botox treatments for hyperhidrosis are growing in demand because of positive results that can last three to six month or longer.

As reported in this Oxford Academic study on treatment of hyperhidrosis:

 “Botulinum injections are a safe, rapid and effective way to treat symptomatic hyperhidrosis. Patients report a high satisfaction rate, increased emotional and physical well-being and more comfort in social and occupational situations.”

The THMA Consulting Course will use research and clinical evidence to provide practitioners with a thorough understanding of the treatment’s unique anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. Different from cosmetic Botox procedures, therapeutic hyperhidrosis treatments require specific analysis that must be done beforehand and specific techniques in injection applications.

The online training will fit the educational needs of experienced injectors. If desired, course participants can bring a patient into a supervised THMA Consulting Bridging Clinic for additional proficiency and comfort.

Register here for training in this ‘life changing’ treatment!

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