Vision and Confidence From Guidance and Support

A heartfelt thank you to Amina Mehdi for her wonderful words, and for giving us permission to repost her Blog here. We are extremely proud of Amina for working so hard on her road to success!

THMA Consulting takes great pride and pleasure in helping guide nurses and physicians towards their goals in medical aesthetics. We are grateful to be part of their aesthetics journey. There are forks, sharp turns and maybe barriers to overcome, but we are there beside them on their road to success.

Our success is measured by your success.

The following Blog about our training program is particularly heartwarming. Thank you so much for this, Amina, and for choosing THMA Consulting to launch your new career at Honnête Clinique in Thornhill!

My Mentor, Colleague, & Friend: Tracey Hotta

Mentoring when done correctly results in an intensely personal journey, consisting of both parties (mentor and mentee) creating a special bond where life experiences are shared for the betterment of both. I am writing this as an appreciation blog dedicated to Tracey Hotta, one of Canada’s first RN cosmetic injectors and recognized as a leading aesthetic nurse specialist and my mentor, colleague, & friend.

Amina and Tracey at Honnête Clinique

Tracey has been instrumental in my decision to branch out on my own; her endless support in providing me with direction gave me the confidence to see my vision through. One of the most beautiful gifts that someone can give you is genuine kindness; thank you Tracey for your kind-heartedness!

Tracey is one of the most talented experts in the medical aesthetics and plastic-surgical nursing field with over 30 years of experience. Her impeccable professional portfolio, to say the least, is IMPRESSIVE! Tracey has a true passion for helping others in this industry grow. Tracey owns and operates THMA Consulting, training and mentoring nurses and physicians who wish to become efficiently skilled medical aesthetic practitioners. She has built a legacy and paved a clear path for any of us in this industry to follow.

Learn more about Amina’s drive and passion for medical aesthetics on her website.  Honnête Clinique is located in the former TH Medical Aesthetics office at 8179 Yonge St. in Thornhill, Ont. 

Tracey and I met through a mutual friend in this industry about six years ago. At the time, I aspired to be a published author, I wanted guidance as to how to submit a medical article in a recognized journal.

I was aware that Tracey had published several articles. I was ecstatic when she agreed to meet me for a lunch date, we immediately connected.

Through the years, I was always happy to see her at industry-related events, we would always take the time to catch up over some wine. Naturally, she was the first colleague I reached out to when I decided to open an independent practice. Somehow the stars aligned and I ended up subleasing space from her medical aesthetic clinic in Thornhill, as she was looking to retire the space.

She allowed me the opportunity to get my feet wet as an entrepreneur, to understand if this was the next step that I want to take in my career before committing to a long-term commercial lease. For someone in my position, this meant the world to me! That is what a woman empowering another woman looks like.

Thank you, Tracey, for believing in me and my vision. I will forever be grateful for all of your support!

For experienced practitioners, THMA Consulting offers Supplementary Courses for additional knowledge and skills to expand or augment current practices. In the last year, I took and highly recommend the following courses:

· Business Ethics and Professional Standards

· Role and Responsibilities of the Medical Director/AOA

THMA Consulting raises the bar by allowing you to refresh your knowledge on a course that you have previously enrolled in through a virtual training session at no additional charge.

To learn more about THMA Consulting, visit Follow on Instagram @thmaconsulting.

– Amina Mehdi –


“I’m proud of how many nurses are now choosing this as a career, and how many entrepreneurial medical professionals are creating and building their own successful practices today.” — Tracey Hotta