THMA Consulting is inviting THMA members and other medical aesthetics professionals to join us for a special series of online Professional Development Presentations on Wednesdays through June 2021.



We are pleased to offer these topical and informative virtual presentations on Wednesdays from now through June. We’ll resume again in the fall. The topics relate to ongoing issues of interest and current industry trends.

The roster of speakers includes members of our national team of expert clinical trainers as well as other professionals in medical aesthetics.

  • Feb. 10 – Plasma IQ and HC-Approval for Medical Aesthetics (with Jacklyn Sudetic RN, Oakville, ON)
  • Feb. 17 – Update and Review of Marketing and Media Regulations (with Aundrea Ritchie RN, Halifax, NS)
  • Feb. 24 – Pandemic and Vaccine: Adverse Events in Aesthetics (with Oriol Rhodes RN, Toronto, ON)
  • Mar. 3  – IV Therapy and Hydration (with Corey Akisanyi NP, Ottawa, ON)
  • Mar. 10 – Therapeutic Treatment of Migraines (with Colleen White NP, Kingston, ON)
  • Mar. 17 – Are You Working Within Your Scope of Practice? (with Jeanine Harrison NP, Nobleton, ON)
  • Mar. 24 – Laser Safety (with Cynthia Webb RN, Oakville, ON)
  • Mar. 31 – Cannula Techniques: Basics & Beyond (with Hermine Warren DNP APRN, Encino, CA)
  • Apr.  7  – Hyperhidrosis Diagnosis and Treatment (with Jeanine Harrison NP, Nobleton, ON)
  • Apr. 14 – My Personal Journey to Independent Practice (with Richel Tumanguil RN, Vaughan, ON)
  • Apr. 21 – Choosing the Right Lip Filler (with Jenny Cajucom RN, Erin, ON)
  • Apr. 28 – Tear Trough Rejuvenation (with Emily Schultz RN, Waterloo, ON)
  • May  5 – Immunogenicity and the MOA of a Neurotoxin (with Debra Payne PhD, Allergan Canada) 
  • May 12 – Medical Aesthetics Clinic Recommendations (with Jacklyn Sudetic RN, Oakville, ON)
  • May 19 – Development of the ACIST Form (with Georgia Elmassian PhD,  East Lansing, MI)
  • May 26 – Recognizing Suspicious Lesions (with Mandy Wong MD, Vancouver, BC)
  • Jun.  2  – You Want to be Published? (with Sharon Van Wicklyn, PhD, Editor PSN)

Tracey’s Blog: Why the COVID-19 crisis does not suspend desire for ongoing education

The hour-long presentations begin at 7PM EST. Participants will receive confirmation of their attendance along with instructions on how to find us on Zoom.

These are complimentary for THMA Consulting members. Interested participants who have not taken our training can purchase permission to take in all presentations for an annual fee of $150.


Need to augment or add new skills to your medical aesthetics portfolio? Our Supplementary Courses now include virtual training in PRP Treatments and Deoxycholic Acid Treatments. We’ve also added an advanced Medical Directives Development Course as a practical extension of the Role and Responsibilities of the AOA/Medical Director. Click Here For More Info