Log In and Learn With Our Expert Trainer Presentations

Clinics may be closed and medical aesthetics injectors may be self-isolating, but the COVID-19 pandemic does not suspend the deep-rooted desire of medical professionals for ongoing education and instruction.

THMA Consulting and its national team of expert trainers are pleased to be providing medical aesthetics practitioners with an online series of Professional Development Presentations. Topics range from Occlusions and Lesions to Consults and Social Media.

We are happy to offer these Presentations (below) free of charge

Angela Haff and Kathryn Woodcock are two of THMA Consulting team of expert trainers

The idea for this complimentary series sprang out of a recent team meeting to discuss our recently announced Virtual Training In Foundation Courses.

Tambra Tufford

Current events will not allow us to host Professional Development Symposiums for the time being. But we do have a lot of interesting and important topics to share with medical aesthetics practitioners.

We agreed wholeheartedly to offer a format of peer-to-peer learning and networking, where discussions and concerns are shared openly without the influence or interference of a corporate agenda.

The following online  series of Professional Development Presentations will be on Zoom:

  1. Apr. 28 – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments  
  2. May 2  – CNO Statement: Reflect Before You Inject (Tracey Hotta RN)
  3. May 5  – Tear Trough Rejuvenation  (Jacklyn Sudetic RN) 
  4. May 7 – The Art of the Consult (Angela Haff RN)  
  5. May 11 – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments
  6. May 12 – Social Media and Advertising (Aundrea Ritchie RN) 
  7. May 13 – Case Study: Hemifacial Spasm (Kathryn Woodcock RN)
  8. May 14 – Retinal Occlusion (Erin Talbot RN) 
  9. May 19 –  Reopening a Safe Practice in a Pandemic (Tracey) 
  10. May 20  – Tear Trough Rejuvenation  (Jacklyn Sudetic RN) 
  11. May 21 – Perioral Anatomy (Tambra Tufford RN)*
  12. May 22  – CNO Statement: Reflect Before You Inject (Tracey) 
  13. May 25 –  Reopening a Safe Practice in a Pandemic (Tracey) 
  14. May 26 – Retinal Occlusion (Erin Talbot RN)

Most online presentations will begin at 7 pm EDT and be about 30-45 minutes.

* Exceptions: Tear Trough on May 20 will be at 3 pm EDT. Reflect Before You Inject on May 22 will be 90 minutes at 12 pm EDT.

THMA Consulting members and non-members are welcome to attend.


You will receive an email notification prior to each presentation on Zoom. Simply follow the prompts to join the meeting.

The sessions will allow for some interaction and questions. For those of you who have previously trained with THMA Consulting, we can continue discussions on your exclusive Members Forum on Facebook.

Your feedback will be more than welcome.

We appreciate hearing what you thought was beneficial. More importantly, what more can we do to help with your career in terms of courses and ongoing education?

As always, we are firmly committed to helping medical aesthetics practitioners flourish and grow. Your comfort in injecting and the safety of patients are our top priorities.

Please note that THMA Consulting’s Foundation Courses and Supplementary Courses are the intellectual property of THMA Consulting Inc.  Written materials and learning tools used in training are solely for personal education and cannot be reproduced or distributed for outside financial gains. Participants  must disclose if they work or lecture for a training company before registering.