Biostimulator Treatments Will Make a Lot of People Happy

It’s an all-natural rejuvenating skin treatment that has long-lasting results. With patient demand steadily trending upwards, it’s no wonder Biostimulator treatments and training are becoming a must for professional medical aesthetics practices.

Biostimulator Workshop with Corey Akisanya in Halifax.

THMA is very pleased to be now offering high-standard training on the revolutionary skincare treatments.

The new THMA Biostimulator Workshop is designed for medical aesthetics practitioners with experience in soft tissue fillers who wish to significantly enhance their skills with Biostimulator treatments for long-lasting collagen restoration and skin rejuvenation.

“Yes, I’m very excited that we’re doing this training at THMA,” says Corey Akisanya, THMA clinical trainer and co-owner of Skin Logic Ottawa.  Corey will co-lead the training in THMA Biostimulator Workshops in Canada.

 “These treatments are fairly new but quickly gaining in popularity. Its important for the patient to have options. Regenerative medicine is becoming a real big thing. People want natural outcomes that last longer.”

Proactive and Preventative

Biostimulator injections will stimulate cells to produce naturally-occurring collagen and elastin in the skin. The stimulation prompts the body to do its own work, providing skin quality improvements and volumization that lasts up to 9 months. Radiesse, Sculptra and Bellafil are biostimulators approved by Health Canada. 

Biostimulators are, in effect, a preventative measure. Dermal fillers will still be an option in correcting volume loss temporarily. But Biostimulator injections actually slow down the aging process.

“We can’t stop the clock but we can certainly slow things down a little bit,” says St. John’s trainer Jackie Connors. “Biostimulator treatments are a good safe way to do this. It’s proactive and preventative. People want to see overall improvements in the quality of their skin.” 

Trainers Doing Training

Jackie and THMA’s entire Atlantic Canada training team were in Halifax in January, learning all about biostimulation and honing injection skills under Corey’s expert guidance. They loved the training and immediately recognized the importance of adding this exciting and emerging treatment to their own practices.

THMA trainers Jackie Connors and Stephanie MacDonald.

“If you’re not continuing to expand your portfolio you will become obsolete,” says workshop participant and PEI trainer Stephanie MacDonald. “Neurotoxin and dermal fillers have limitations, so its important to have biostimulators for more long-term structure and support of the face. New products like this in your practice give you a multi-modal approach to every situation, and patients are going to like the benefits.”

Corey agrees: “One hundred percent. As a business owner and healthcare provider you want to keep everything in house and be able to offer a variety of aging treatment. Bio is for volumizing, Botox is for fine lines, and more. A ‘one stop shop’ is a best option for patients and providers.”

Corey and Jessica Jacob, THMA’s clinical trainer at The Injection Nurse Skin Care Clinic in Winnipeg, will host the Biostimulator Workshop in four Canadian cities. The first will be at Euro Beauty in Halifax on February 24 , followed by a workshop at Skin Logic Ottawa on March 2. Dates will be announced for Winnipeg and Halifax. 

Full credit for developing the Biostimulator Workshop at THMA goes to Corey. He took a Biostimulator course in Amsterdam in 2022. It was revolutionary, he says, and an eye opener in regards to the future of regenerative aesthetics. He was immediately pitching to do the same at THMA.

Corey and Jess Jacob will lead THMA training.

“There wasn’t a Biostimulator course offered in Canada at that time,” Corey says. “Industry partners were pushing it, and people were hearing about and wanted it, but there was a dearth of quality clinical training, especially with the full package of knowledge, hands-on training and training. I saw that gap and with Tracey began working on it!”

The comprehensive THMA workshop will have participants learning the theoretical background before doing facial treatments and non-facial indications with their own model/patients. Course participants must have:

* Advance knowledge of facial anatomy.
* Proficiency in cannula use.
* A minimum of 2 years of aesthetic medicine injection experience.
* Experience with full face rejuvenation injections (including high-risk areas).
* Signed authorization from an Authorized Prescriber (or Medical Director) that the RHP has the knowledge, skill, and judgment to attend the course.

The THMA Biostimulator Workshop has been developed and launched in response to public demand. But Corey says the training itself will put a premium on patient safety.

“Good training prepares people for adverse effects. If not done properly, the adverse effects can be more severe with biostimulators than dermal fillers. Dermal fillers focus on one area – the cheeks, for example – while bio does the whole global face. So providers need to have experience and top training to administer treatments effectively and safely.”

THMA Team Atlantic

“It does require experience before the training,” Stephanie said following her training with Corey. “The THMA Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course is the best way to start. Learn, gain experience in the field, and then train again with THMA to incorporate biostimulators into your practice.”

Like Stephanie and other THMA Team Atlantic members at the Halifax workshop, Jackie Connors is also interested in becoming a Biostimulator training and hosting workshops in St. John’s. She says injectors will want to add this to their practice and give patients more options. So. it’s important for us to educate them on the product, techniques and benefits in Biostimulator treatments.

“I like to help people and I love teaching, sharing my years of 25 years of experience, tips and techniques with other injectors. It’s all about how you treat your patients, being honest, and maintaining integrity. I think that and the great benefits of biostimulators will make a lot of people happy.”

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