P2P Mentoring: Watch, Learn and Share Experiences

Ongoing education, communication and camaraderie are at the heart of Peer-to-Peer Mentoring with THMA Consulting. The most valuable benefits of these learning sessions are increased confidence and patient safety.

THMA Consulting recently held two days of Peer-to-Peer Mentoring in Halifax, with four participants each day practicing their medical aesthetics skills and learning new techniques.

P2P  Mentoring in Halifax.

This continuing education is our commitment to everyone who has completed training in our Foundation Courses. But the mentoring workshops offer more that quality hands-on learning. The best part of this the networking. There’s strength in numbers, comfort in community. No longer should professionals  in medical aesthetics practice within silos, removed from colleagues and communication.

Communication and camaraderie open the door to the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Watch and Learn in an Open Forum

In Halifax, the energy was high and participants were so appreciative of the opportunity to learn more about medical aesthetics. They are one-on-one with the instructors, and will have questions as they proceed with treatments. The others watch, are free to ask questions, and then will have their turn with their own patients. Patient safety is ultimately the most important thing we talk about in mentoring and strive for in practice.

Jackie Connors advices Meg Brennan while others watch and learn.

Meg Brennan took our Foundation Courses last year, and was thrilled about the opportunity for further mentoring in Halifax.

“THMA Consulting provides us with the in-depth knowledge we need and the support of experienced injectors to produce safe and effective treatment,” says Meg, who will be working at Body Works Med Spa and Wellness in Halifax. “That continuous support is giving me the confidence to pursue a career in medical aesthetics.”

It’s an open forum, with a wide range of conversations between the mentoring participants and the THMAC leaders. In Halifax, for example, there were questions raised about liability insurance and discussions on medical directors. No matter the topic, that’s why we do this: to answer questions, share experiences, provide feedback and help each other.

“Camaraderie with nurses starts in school and really continues in independent practices. As much as we are competing, we also want everyone to do well.” – Amanda Bastedo RN, Ottawa

Communication and a premium on patient safety.

Often during the Foundation Courses, participants are understandably anxious about the training and are focused on the course learning. But from that point, whether immersed in further education or a practice, they know more about medical aesthetics through research or colleagues. They are in a more comfortable position to seek new skills and get answers to questions related to treatments or other issues. We are happy to facilitate that added learning, communication and community building for THMA Consulting members through our Peer-to-Peer Mentoring and its high level education and networking at a very affordable cost.

We want to have an ongoing relationship with our injectors: to make sure they continue forward on their career path with support and an opportunity to turn ongoing professional education into long-term personal success.


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