‘Best in the West’? We Think So!

THMA Consulting has a new regional facility for Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training. It’s in Vancouver and owned by one of B.C.’s most experienced medical aesthetics physicians.

Dr. Lee Thompson, Vancouver

We are pleased to now include the downtown clinic operated by Dr. Lee Thompson as one of THMA Consulting regional training centres.

Dr. Thompson has been doing Botox and filler injections for more than 20 years, making him one of the first in the area to do medical aesthetics. He has seen the industry come a long way since those early days. Especially when it comes to training.

“Back then, everybody was just shooting in the dark,” Dr. Thompson said about a lack training in the day.

“With filler you just filled in the cracks and Botox went in the upper region of the face. Nobody knew what the hell they were doing. We were just poking needles in people’s faces and hoping for the best.”

Before training like THMA Consulting’s came along, “nobody knew what the hell they were doing.”

The increased education, better facilities and formal training now have all significantly improved medical aesthetics. That’s been as positive for the industry as superior products and technology.

“We are excited about being part of THMA Consulting.” – Dr. Lee Thompson

It was through our B.C. expert clinical trainers Kathryn Woodcock and Angela Haff that Dr. Thompson was introduced to the training and preceptorship program at THMA Consulting. They spoke well of our research-based didactic education.

Dr. Thompson’s training team and successful participants.

He and Jeannie Ross, his wife and clinic co-founder, then decided to take our virtual Foundation Courses training.

Happily, he told us they liked what they saw!

After discussions on a regional training facility that began about a year ago, Dr. Thompson has signed on to have use his clinic for our Foundation Course 4: Hands-on Training in Vancouver.

“I think everyone should have the very best training,” says Dr. Thompson, who will also serve as a THMA Consulting trainer and the the on-site Authorized Prescriber (or Medical Director) during training.

Experienced Injectors Woodcock and Haff Take Leading Role in B.C. Training

Lee Thompson received his medical degree from the University of Alberta in 1981. With an interest in dermatology (but “too broke to go back to school for four more years,” he says laughing), Dr. Thompson began focusing his general practice in Vancouver on anti-aging and skincare treatments.

A seminar on photo rejuvenation, Botox and fillers convinced him and Jeannie to give it a go. Angela Haff put them in touch with industry reps at Allergan and Clarion, and soon they were up and running.

While they did set up shop in West Vancouver and Victoria for short periods, it’s been in downtown Vancouver where their business has really flourished.

Their daughter Amy Reid has recently joined the family team as a medical aesthetics nurse.


The family team of Amy, Lee and Jeannie.

Dr. Thompson points to another significant change over the past 20 years – and one that’s been good for everyone in medical aesthetics – regarding how treatments with fillers and Botox are no longer stigmatized.

“Now, everybody talks about it and shares experiences with friends,” he says. “Word of mouth is so much better that everyone sneaking around in the dark and keeping secrets.”

That’s why Dr. Thompson wants to see better training and higher standards of care in medical aesthetics. That’s also why, he says, he’s welcoming nurses and physicians to train with THMA Consulting at his clinic.

“We are excited about doing this and being part of THMA Consulting national training team.”

THMA Consulting’s newest regional training centre is located at 744 West Hastings Street, Suite 116, Vancouver.