Bridging Clinics Promote Independent Practice

“Ciara is fully booked with us today, six patients, doing everything that needs to done. She’s gained enough confidence and skill to practice independently, and I’m so proud of her.”

“I’d like to open my own clinic!”

Those words of praise for Ciara Nyitray come from Jacklyn Sudetic, our expert clinical trainer in Oakville, Ont., who has been assisting Ciara with her development as a medical aesthetics provider.

Ciara successfully completed our Foundation Courses in Medical Aesthetics two years ago. The learning and education continued from there, first through One-on-One Mentoring with Jacklyn.

“THMA Consulting’s program is really good in that following the training you can continue to work on skills with a clinical expert,” said Ciara, in between patients at Distinct. “You can picks up tips and tricks from these people who have so much experience in the field.”

Ciara is now using Distinct Medical Aesthetics as a bridging clinic and a means to an end! She has been bringing her own patients in for about a year now, building up her skills and confidence as an injector.


“Medical aesthetics is a specialty,” says Jacklyn, who has been in medical aesthetics for more than 12 years. “You’re learning a specialty that requires experience to do it well. The THMA Consulting courses and mentoring  prepare providers for a career with a thorough teaching of knowledge, judgment and techniques.

“The experience comes with time and the hands-on application of those skills.”

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Anyone who completes training in the Foundations Courses can rent a room at an authorized bridging clinic. There are five in Ontario alone, including the one at Distinct.

Registered healthcare providers can rent a clinical room for the day and treat their patients based on where they are in current practice and what they are comfortable doing.  Medical supplies are provided and Health Canada-approved products can be purchased on-site.

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“After my Foundation Courses training, the mentoring with Jacklyn on specific skills was an excellent continuing of my education,” says Ciara. By coming to her beautiful new clinic in Oakville, I’m taking that to an even higher level.  I’m getting in as much experience as I can.”

That, says Jacklyn, is invaluable to the development of a career.

“It’s not easy to find a job in medical aesthetics. Employers will want some experience. That’s what we provide through the bridging clinics.”

Ciara is currently working fulltime as a dermatology and plastic surgery nurse at the Canadian Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Centre in North York. She smiles when asked about her long-term goals.

Bridging Clinics: honing skills, boosting confidence.

“I’d like to open up my own clinic eventually. But I do need to be 100 percent confident that my skills are on point before I take that next step and learn the business aspects of medical aesthetics.”

Jacklyn is confident that Ciara will succeed.

“Critical thinking and skills are important, obviously, but you have to believe in yourself. Ciara is committed to learning. She’s gained enough confidence and skill to practice independently. We really are proud of her!”

Contact Us or your Foundation Course 4 trainer for information on Bridging.

At THMA Consulting, we continue to support and assist all participants in our program well after the initial training concludes. That’s a key component in our mission to develop successful, safe and ethical medical aesthetic practices.