Sclerotherapy Workshops Offer Precision Training

Responding to a pent-up public demand for the treatment of unsightly varicose veins, THMA Consulting is now offering didactic training workshops in Sclerotherapy Treatments in Ontario.

This in-person Supplementary Course Workshop is effectively structured to maximize learning. The Sclerotherapy Workshop combines evidence-based education with hands-on skill development to give participants the confidence to administer Sclerotherapy for varicose veins and spider veins.

Sclerotherapy can effectively treat unsightly veins.

Corey Akisanya, our expert clinical trainer in Ottawa, developed this education program to follow the values and training established in our Foundation Courses.

“At THMA Consulting, we always drill home the fundamental understanding of the anatomy and products before we teach the hands-on injection skills,” says Corey. “We firmly believe that the in-depth knowledge acquired before the needle hits the skin will result in safe and effective Sclerotherapy treatments.”

Supplementary Course Workshop – Sclerotherapy Treatment: In-person training in Ottawa is on Feb. 18 and every 3rd Tuesday of every month to follow. The first training in Markham will be on Mar. 26 and in Kingston on Mar. 11.

Treatment involves injecting a solution directly into the vein. The solution causes the vein to scar and reroute blood through healthier veins. The collapsed vein is reabsorbed into local tissue and eventually fades.

Sclerotherapy has been used for years in Europe. It works well and is growing in popularity here.

“A great service for the community.”

Corey got the idea to develop this Supplementary Course Workshop for THMA Consulting after advising a patient in his primary care practice to seek Sclerotherapy for her varicose veins. When Corey found out the woman was placed on a two-year wait list, the light bulb went on.

“We need to train medical professionals to fill this void,” Corey said. “Demand for this effective treatment is really increasing, especially among  women in their 40’s and 50’s with varicose veins. And there’s no way that symptomatic people suffering from this should be forced to wait so long.”


Corey approached me last fall about the idea of a training course in Sclerotherapy.  After a few discussions on where to gather evidence-based research and how to put together a comprehensive education module, we gave it the green light.

Workshops will focus on precision and safety.

Sclerotherapy is a relatively simple procedure, but requires precise techniques.  There’s a definite risk of complications if the solution is injected into the tissue.

Those complications are greatly mitigated through the in-depth education that engaged trainees will receive in our workshop approach to learning. Our goals in medical aesthetics are the same as theirs:  to develop skills and the confidence to do treatments safely and effectively.

“I am very pleased to introduce and train nurses and physicians on this wonderful treatment,” says Corey. “It’s an excellent option to include in a medical aesthetics portfolio. In recognizing the need and demand for Sclerotherapy, we will be doing a great service for the patient community. ”



Our Regional Training Centre and Bridging Clinic in Ottawa is now at Skin Logic on 11 Holland Ave., Unit 400, Ottawa. Corey Akisanya is the sole proprietor of this 27-hundred square foot clinic. Amanda Bastedo will also be an expert clinical trainer at Corey’s new facility. The clinic will host training in Foundation Course 4: Practical Skills and Hands-on Training as well as Supplementary Course workshops in Sclerotherapy and PRP Treatments

Skin Logic will also serve as a THMA Consulting Bridging Clinic for new injectors who want One-on-One Mentoring or need a safe environment to hone skills with their own patients. Contact Corey for more information.