Raquel Rubinoff
THMA’s respect for Respiratory Therapists is a big reason why Raquel Rubinoff came to us for her medical aesthetics training. A desire for “a truly fantastic” training program was another. That word – fantastic - is also how we’d describe Raquel’s work in training and her future in medical aesthetics.
Joanie Jenkins NP
From scary times with breast cancer and back surgeries to the comfort and freedom of owning her own medical aesthetics practice, it has been a long, arduous and very inspiring journey for Joanie Jenkins.
New THMA training course on medical aesthetics adverse events in botox and dermal fillers.

Everyone in medical aesthetics should know everything they can about risks and complications. That’s why THMA is launching a new Supplementary Course this fall that will focus fully on adverse events. Because the more you know, the better for you and your patients! 

Protecting the Public from Dishonest, Misleading Claims

It’s critically important for new medical aesthetics practitioners to know the industry’s rules and regulation before the needle hits the skin. 

Safety First is Safety Always With All Patient Care

Canadian Patient Safety Week is an annual campaign for promoting best practices in patient safety in all healthcare fields across Canada.


Consumers increasingly interested in looking good and feeling better highlight a medical aesthetics business boom in 2018 and beyond.

Expert Instructors Authorized to Supervise Training

It took time to dig and probe and ask the right questions, but we now have good news for nurses who take our medical aesthetics training courses.

A Long Journey Ends With A Fresh Start

Jessica Jacob, a nurse practitioner from Manitoba, travelled all the way to Ontario to train with us. She arrived with a desire to learn and with a firm goal in mind.

Cannula Injections – Teaching a Basic and Invaluable Skill

Should a new-in-training medical aesthetics practitioner be educated on how to properly use a cannula as a basic injection technique? Absolutely.