Patient-Models Play Important Role in Training

Participants in our Course 3: Hands-on Mentoring are urged to supply their own models for training purposes. There are several good and beneficial reasons why.

U.S. Authority Approves Facial Anatomy Course

Nurses can now accumulate 5.0 contact hours through participation in our Facial Anatomy course.  Credible recognition is a win-win for all of us. 

Help Reduce Backlog for EpiPens in Canada

Medical practitioners have the means to use alternative measures other than EpiPens in the event of emergency allergic reactions in their clinics. 

Nurse Practitioners Pursuing Medical Aesthetic Careers

We’ve discovered that many Nurse Practitioners are considering a new career in medical aesthetics.  And why not?

Success is “Love of What You are Doing or Learning to Do”

I returned home from a meeting of the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses with more than the usual wealth of information and insight. 

“Double Standard” Claimed in Physicians’ Squabble

Shino Bay Aguilera says some physicians have a problem with medical aesthetics providers because we “represent financial competition to their business.”

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Plastic Surgeon Praises Nurse-Led Training

When a plastic surgeon in Ottawa was looking for skilled training on medical aesthetics and injections, he knew exactly where to turn first. To a nurse.

A Premiere Sharing of Experience and Expertise

It was a gratifying success – our first Professional Development Symposium and the opportunity for networking and continuing education with colleagues.

Practitioners Must Only Use Authorized Medical Devices

A Health Canada consumer advisory about the safety of an unauthorized device should also serve as a warning to aesthetics practitioners. Be careful. Be safe.

Never purchase or use any medical device that hasn’t been approved by Health Canada.