Are Virtual Trainings in person?

The virtual trainings are through a live interactive Zoom call. Although we prefer that you are in person so you can have your questions answered or clarified, we can send you a link after the course is completed. We know everyone’s life is busy, so we try to accommodate your schedule.

Do the models have to pay for their procedures?

Your selected models do not have to pay for their treatments. This is covered by the cost of the course. Each model is permitted to use 50 units of neurotoxin and two syringes of dermal fillers.

Why do I have to provide the models?

We ask that you provide patient models so you can assess your results two weeks after treatment. If the clinic provides the patient, they are their patients and you will not have the ability to do the follow-up assessment.

Is the in-person training one-on-one with an instructor or is it group training?

We generally provide one-on-one training as this is the best way to learn a safe and skilled injection technique. It is one instructor to one attendee to one patient.

The training is designed to simulate your own clinical practice. You will be performing the medical history, facial assessment, treatment plan, consents, photography, treatment and discuss post-instructions.

How do I become a THMA Member so I can attend the Professional Development Presentations?

To become a member you must complete the Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course or an advanced THMA Workshop. This will give you access to the private Facebook page with other THMA Members. A Zoom link is provided for live access to the PDP and for a recording after the presentation is completed.

Do I have to take the virtual Foundation Course components on consecutive days?

You do not have to take all the courses over one weekend but can stagger them over a few months. You can also pay for the virtual courses individually. All the virtual courses must be completed before attending the Hands-on Training component of the Foundation Course.

Do I have to pay for the Foundation course in Full?

You can split your payments. The first is for the virtual courses ($2000 plus provincial tax) and the remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your in-person training date with the THMA clinical instructor.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Refunds are provided within 72 hours of purchase. If course material is provided, you are only eligible for 35% refund on the total individual course price.

What are the benefits of being a THMA Consulting member?

The benefits of being a THMA member are invaluable. You will become a member of the private Facebook page where you will have access to 500+ other members to ask questions in a safe environment. THMA hosts a Zoom presentation every Wednesday nights from 8pm - 9pm EST which is only available to THMA Members. You will receive a 20% discount on any of the virtual supplementary courses and discount for our regional symposiums. You can attend or audit any of virtual course you have already paid for at no extra cost. There's no expiry date. This is our commitment to your ongoing education.

Do I get a certificate at the completion of the Foundation Course or Supplementary Workshops?

Yes, you receive a certificate of attendance for the virtual courses and a certificate of completion for the Advanced Workshops. Nurse who complete the Foundation Course receive 40 contact hours from the CNA.

I understand there is a test after the Facial Anatomy and the Neuromodulator and Dermal Filler courses. What if I do not pass?

Two tests are required to receive your CNA contact hours. The tests are multiple choice through Survey Monkey. If there are incorrect answers, we will go through the test with you to make sure you understand the course content and concepts prior to your in-person training.

What is a Bridging Clinic?

Many of the training clinics will offer attendees a room in their clinic where you can bring your patients for injection treatments in a safe environment until you find a place of employment (cost to be confirmed by clinic). This way you can maintain and perfect your newly acquired skills.