Careers in Medical Aesthetics Start Here! 

The THMA education program provides quality and accredited medical aesthetics training in Canada as well as individual mentoring and ongoing education events to nurses and physicians who wish to become skilled medical aesthetic practitioners. 

Tracey Hotta launched THMA Consulting Inc in 2016, drawing on her illustrious career in medical aesthetics and a passion for education to bring the training program together. Tracey’s vision for a training company that espouses research-based education has set a high standard for ethical and safe practices in medical aesthetics in Canada.

CNA Accreditation

THMA clinical trainers bring years of professional experience and an engaging passion for education to every medical aesthetics and Botox training course. The goal is to ensure nurses and physicians feel comfortable and confident with medical aesthetic product knowledge, injection techniques and patient safety.  Read the Testimonials.

From virtual learning of facial anatomy and product knowledge to hands-on injection techniques, the nationally recognized Medical Aesthetics Foundation Course for Botulinum Toxin A and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers gives participants the fundamental tools to master all aspects of medical aesthetics.

Virtual Supplementary Courses and In-person Advanced Workshops offer experienced practitioners a extended package of opportunities to expand or augment current practices.