U.S. Authority Approves Facial Anatomy Course

Nurses can now accumulate 5.0 contact hours through participation in our Facial Anatomy course.  Credible recognition is a win-win for all of us. 

Everyone appreciates getting recognition for hard work and dedication to a job you love. That’s why I’m positively thrilled that our Facial Anatomy medical aesthetics course at THMA Consulting has received authorized approval and credibility from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Through the Tennessee Nurses Association, an accredited approver of the ANCC, we now have formal recognition of our course as a “continuing nursing education activity” of the highest standard.

Facial Anatomy training includes cadaver videos and didactic instruction.

The ANCC’s mission is “to promote excellence in nursing and healthcare globally through credentialing programs.”

That’s why we are so proud that our Facial Anatomy Course 1 fits the ANCC definition of a continuing nursing activity that supports the educational and professional development of nurses for the enhancement of practices that improve the health of the public.

It’s a rare honour for a medical aesthetics training company in Canada to receive approval from this preeminent organization. But we believe we earned it through our commitment to provide new practitioners with top quality education and training.

At THMS Consulting, we set the bar high when developing standards for training in our Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorship Program.  It’s incredibly gratifying to be formally recognized as a quality training facility with nursing mentors who are specialists and experts in the field.

Nurses Earn Contact Hours

There’s also good news here for nurses taking our Facial Anatomy course. When taking this course, they will now  accumulate 5.0 contact hours, which are valued measurements of continuing education for nurses who may be pursuing accreditation in the United States.

Those contact hours are just as important here in Canada. Specialty nurses can now use participation in our Facial Anatomy course, with those contact hours, towards their CANS certifications and renewal of professional licenses.

As nurses, we are accountable to our colleges to obtain ongoing education that is credible and recognized for the continuing development of skills, knowledge and judgement.

Canadian associations like the ONA, CNA and RNAO do not provide accreditation for nursing education programs. We went through a long and rigorous process to get this approval from the Tennessee association. We had to provide scientific and clinical evidence backed by research papers on how the course was developed and is taught. It was well worth the effort.

“This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Tennessee Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.” – Tennessee Nurses Association accreditation statement. Aug. 14, 2018

To have a respected authority like the ANCC give valid credibility to our course, the content and how its taught is highly gratifying to our facility and our participants. And the benefit extends to patients who rightfully expect safety in medical aesthetic services. 


The THMA Consulting Medical Aesthetics Training and Preceptorship Program provides participants with the all-encompassing knowledge, practical skills and on-going mentoring to build a successful, safe and ethical aesthetic practice.

Facial Anatomy courses are being offered on September 7 and September 8.  The fall schedule with dates and times for all four New Practitioner Courses can be found here.