Education Continues Long After Your Training Concludes

You’ve completed your Foundation Course program with THMA Consulting, worked hard throughout the training, displayed great injection skills and enthusiasm for patient care. Now what?

Well, unlike many other training companies, THMA Consulting doesn’t just throw you to the proverbial wolves when the basic training is completed.

Beside you on your road to success

We will always be there for you as you move forward with your medical aesthetic career.

Your competence and confidence  in your medical aesthetics skills is as important to us as it is to you. Along with the promotion of patient safety, your profession success is a primary objectives of the THMA Consulting program

Here’s where we will help you to grow and excel :

  1. Observe a clinical practice with one of our clinical experts during a normal office day at no charge. Job shadowing is not available at all locations because of space or other constraints. Connect with us or your Course 4 trainer to inquire.
  2. Enhance your training with One-on-One Mentoring with a THMA Consulting expert clinical trainer. The cost is $150/hour plus product cost for your patients. Contact Us to make arrangements.
  3. Practice your new skills on your own patients in a safe and supervised environment at one of our THMA Consulting Bridging Clinics in Ontario and across Canada. Read how Bridging Clinics ‘Void the Gap’ Between Courses and Career.
  4. Expand your portfolio with advanced training in Supplementary Courses including PRP Treatments, Deoxycholic Acid Treatments, Medical Director/AOA Role and Responsibilities, Medical Aesthetics Facility Recommendations and IV Vitamin Infusion. Completion of Foundation Courses 1-4 earns a 20% discount on all Supplementary Courses.
  5. Receive ongoing education with complimentary Professional Development Presentations on Zoom featuring THMA Consulting experts and guest lecturers who will discuss medical aesthetics issues and offer timely tips. Here is a summary of the timely topics we presented in the Spring of 2021. New presentations will be announced the Fall.

We welcome your feedback at anytime before or after training.

I am absolutely amazed with your training program and ongoing support. It is hard to describe the actual relief I had in finding my own version of a safety net, a group of friends and colleagues that I can count on for support. I did not know how important it was until I saw what I was missing. For that I will be always grateful!

Kristen Leitch

Thank you to all Foundation Course participants for trusting us with your medical aesthetics training.

We look forward to working alongside you on your new career path. Welcome you to the THMA Consulting Family!