THMA’s Double Vaccination Policy Puts Safety First

With a commitment to public health and patient safety, THMA Consulting is requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for all medical professionals registering for in-person training and mentoring.

Vax and Relax: COVID-19 vaccinations greatly reduce risks to public health and the economy.

We are taking this important step and every precaution possible to prevent the spread of COVID 19 as the cases threaten to rise during the pandemic’s 4th wave.

All of our expert clinical trainers in Canada have been double vaccinated. We will continue our masking policy during all in-clinic education sessions and injection training.

We are also exploring the use of rapid testing for the volunteer patient models who receive treatments during Foundation Course 4: Hands-on-Training and One-on-One Mentoring. They will be encouraged to be fully vaccinated in order to maximize the safety and comfort of all involved in the training.

Exceptions to this will be made for valid medical reasons.

Masks are mandatory in THMA in-person mentoring and training courses.

This THMA Consulting safety protocol takes a proactive stance on public health that mirrors the principles of many healthcare associations and public safety advocates in Canada.

Most notably, the Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Nurses Association issued a joint statement earlier this month that call for the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations of Health Care Workers.

“With mounting concerns over highly contagious COVID-19 variants and leveling-off vaccination rates across Canada, the mandatory vaccination of health care workers is an additional measure to protect patients, the health workforce and health care system capacity. Higher rates of vaccination will reduce the burden of COVID-19 in our communities and bolster ongoing pandemic management efforts.” 

Some provincial governments have made steps in this direction. The Ontario government recently announced it would be mandating COVID-19 Vaccination Policies in High-Risk Settings.

“To protect vulnerable patients and staff in settings where the risk of contracting and transmitting COVID-19 is higher, the Chief Medical Officer of Health has issued a directive mandating hospitals and home and community care service providers to have a COVID-19 vaccination policy for employees, staff, contractors, students and volunteers.”

THMA Consulting clients are ‘students’ who are educating themselves through our national training program on professional medical treatments. We are further obliged as healthcare service providers to enact and follow double vaccination protocols.

THMA Consulting training stresses the importance of patient safety.

THMA Consulting is in no way telling other companies they must do this. But this is our company policy. We are doing this proactively and not waiting for the delayed but inevitable political decisions.

It is encouraging from a public heath perspective that many other small businesses have the same mindset.

According to a KPMG poll in early August, the vast majority of small businesses are planning to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory

“Eighty-four per cent of survey respondents said vaccines should be mandatory and are key to avoiding another lockdown. That same amount said they would support a vaccine passport for certain jobs or to enter certain places.”

It’s the right thing to do for many reasons. Public health is a shared priority. And our colleagues on the frontlines in hospitals and long-term care homes continue to need our support.

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In advance, we thank all of our THMA Consulting clients for their understanding and shared commitment to safety.