InstaLift and Plasma IQ

THMA Consulting is the exclusive trainer of InstaLift and Plasma IQ with Suneva Medical and will introduce to Canadian doctors and nurses two innovative treatments that are re-shaping the future of medical aesthetics.

What is InstaLift?

InstaLift® is a treatment unlike any other. Micro cones are placed in the deepest layer of mid-facial skin to instantly lift aging, mid-facial skin, including sagging cheeks and deeper nasolabial folds. It also gradually restores lost facial volume of the mid face by activating your own natural collagen production for a more youthful appearance that continues to improve over time. – Suneva Medical

InstaLift was approved by Health Canada in February 2020 and launched by Suneva Medical in July.

Instalift is recommended for women aged 30-50 who have early signs of aging that need attention, such as in the jowls or nasolabial folds. InstaLift can deliver a more youthful appearance without fillers or surgery.

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What is Plasma IQ?

Plasma IQ, the latest in leading-edge medical aesthetics technology, is now Health Canada-approved and poised to become a high-demand skin resurfacing treatment, popular with both patients and providers.

Plasma IQ is a treatment for tightening skin tissue, collagen stimulation and reducing wrinkles on any area where fine lines develop, including the eyes, upper lips and neck.

Plasma IQ works by using controlled energy to renew and restore skin. The advanced technology is delivered with a portable hand-held device.

What are the requirements for training?

Training participants in both InstaLift and Plasma IQ must be registered professionals who practice medical aesthetics in clinics.  Both procedures require precise techniques and the gentle touch that comes with experience.

Even experienced aesthetics practitioners have to develop a whole new skill set to inject the InstaLift sutures. They must also be proficient in cannula injections.

THMA Consulting members and colleagues who are interested in InstaLift and Plasma IQ training will be directed to the closest Suneva reps in Canada.

The training has to be arranged through Suneva, not through THMA Consulting.

They will be instructed to set up an account and purchase the product. Suneva will provide THMA Consulting with the names and locations of approved clients, and we will appoint a THMA Consulting expert to lead the training.

Who will do the training?

Suneva Medical has selected THMA Consulting to be its exclusive national trainer for InstaLift and Plasma IQ treatments. Tracey Hotta and Kathryn Woodcock will lead training in Plasma IQ.  Five THMA Consulting experts are qualified to provide InstaLift training for Suneva clients. Tracey Hotta, Jacklyn Sudetic and Jeanine Harrison are in Ontario. Angela Haff and Kathryn Woodcock are in Vancouver.

Nurses and physicians who complete the training are advised to book at least two hours for their first patients. It takes time initially just to plan on the proper amount of thread required for a specific amount of lift.

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