THMA Consulting Expands Training to Northern Ontario

Jennifer Fournier, a ‘lifelong learner’ from Sudbury, is joining our team, providing prospective medical aesthetics practitioners in Northern Ontario with training and mentoring close to home.

We welcome Jennifer to our national team of expert clinical trainers, and are equally thrilled to introduce our acclaimed training program to the greater Sudbury area.

Jennifer Fournier NP

Jennifer comes to us with incredible credentials.  She is a Nurse Practitioner and was on the inaugural team of the first NP-led clinic in Canada. She owns a medical aesthetics clinic in Sudbury and with a PhD teaches at both Laurentian University in Ontario and Athabaska University in Alberta.

On top of that impressive resume, she also embraces a high-standard set of professional values that are completely in line with ours. Particularly in regards to best practices, patient safety and evidence-based education.

“This is what also drew me to THMA,” Jennifer said in Sudbury.

“I’m really excited to join a group of like-minded professionals that focus on safety and have the same goals for high standards of clinical education. Joining forces with a team that shares the same values just makes sense!”

Read more about Jennifer and her impressive career on Our Team page

Jennifer will begin doing Foundation Course 4a/4b: Hands-on Training for us after the provincial stay-at-home COVID-19 order is lifted. That’ll be in early June, hopefully. She already has a couple participants lined up.

‘A lifelong love of learning’

Jennifer says the THMA program’s national reputation and local presence will attract professional interest across Northern Ontario. Which meets our goal is to bring high-standard training to nurses and physicians where they live and where our ongoing support can help them build a medical aesthetics practice and portfolio.

We have no doubts they will be in good hands with Jennifer.

After years of hospital and clinical work, Jennifer took an interest in medical aesthetics after first receiving treatments herself and then realizing many “age appropriate” friends were also looking to do something about their wrinkles.

In 2017, she opened AllureRX Cosmetic Injections & Skin in Sudbury while also teaching in the Nurse Practitioner program at Laurentian for the past 10 years.

The motivating factor then was what drives her still today: a lifelong love of learning.

 Jennifer Fournier (front row, right) ‘Thrilled’ About Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic Opening in

“I decided to broadened my scope in clinical practice by taking some training in medical aesthetics, and incorporated a little of that into my NP practice,” Jennifer told us. “It was really just to learn something new, to try something new.”

Jennifer says the training she received was “okay” but didn’t follow the same clinical education structure that nurses get in other domains. She didn’t feel as prepared as she thought she should.

“I’m a very confident clinician, learning things all my life. But my aesthetics training didn’t make me feel confident. In fact, I spent a lot of time self-learning. But without peers to consult with I was never sure I was on the right track or not.”

It’s important to have a sense of community in medical aesthetics. We take pride in bringing members together in training and mentoring and staying with them to offer ongoing advice and answer questions as they set up independent practices.

Jennifer agrees wholeheartedly.

“It’s so good to have experience of others to draw from and learn from.  And it’s fun to join up with people who are so positive and working together.”

Jennifer has been providing a small amount of medical aesthetics training, even developing her own curriculum for education. Not surprisingly, her formalized training focused on a lot of the same things as THMA Consulting: facial anatomy, best practices, safety.

After agreeing to bring her clinical and educational skills into our tent, Jennifer took training in our Foundation Courses and in the Role and Responsibility of the Medical Director/AOA.

“Being involved with THMA will allow me to stay abreast of industry information and trends. I will learn as I teach, and look forward to being able to compare myself with the others and learn from them, too.”

We will learn from Jennifer, too. Just as we’ve learned from Corey Akisanya and Colleen White, two other THMA Consulting trainers who have taught post-secondary schools.

We are always thrilled to bring trainers on board – like Jennifer Fournier – who have such great depth of research-based education and best-practice experience.