THMA Colleagues Reconnect at Ottawa Symposium

Masks hid the smiles, but there was no doubting how happy everyone was to attend an in-person educational event again. Equally pleasing was the obvious camaraderie of medical aesthetics nurses.

It’s been a while. Almost two years, in fact.

Two years since we last help a Professional Development Symposium and gathered with colleagues to share tips and trends in medical aesthetics.

The next Professional Development Symposium will be on Sunday March 27, 2022, in Thornhill, Ont. 

The return to near-normal came on November 27 at Head Office in Ottawa.

Symposium organizer and presenter Corey Akisanya

”It was so good to reconnect with everyone for the first time since the pandemic began,” said expert clinical trainer Corey Akisanya. “Feedback has been very positive in terms of the topics presented and the exchange of a lot of good information.”

“It’s like you’re part of a family.”

Attendees were treated to presentations on topics like NPs and AOAs, regenerative medicine and marketing in medical aesthetics.

Ottawa injector and THMA Consulting trainer Amanda Bastedo spoke to the group about lip complications.

“You get way more out of in-person learning and interacting directly with people,” Amanda told us. “Even as a presenter it’s better. You can make eye contact, have conversation, answer questions. It was great!”

Attendees listen to Amanda’s presentation

Following the presentation, everyone gathered to network at a sponsored reception and exhibits with Suneva, Allergan, Galderma and InMode.

“What we did today is just another example of how learning does not end,” said Sherri MacEwen NP of Rockland, Ont. “Many other training programs are just in-and-out. Two days training and that’s it. But with THMA Consulting it’s five days of training and then lots of ongoing support and continuous education. It’s like you’re part of a family.”

Ottawa Professional Development Symposium Photo Gallery
“We want everyone to do well.”

Nurses in medical aesthetics have much in common. They share a desire to be highly skilled and successful. Patient safety and patient satisfaction are collective goals. They all want to help people look good and feel even better.

The nurses are, in fact, competing with each other for business. But a Symposium such as the one in Ottawa shows they greatly respect and support one another, too. It’s the nature of nursing and the camaraderie of medical aesthetics practitioners.

“Quote .. Unquote”

Aliya Randell: “This is a new industry, so we look out for each other. It’s nice to know after meeting others that we are kind of a team with THMA Consulting. I feel I can reach out to people I’ve met here.”

Gemma Varacalli: “Our business doesn’t have to be competitive, but it definitely has to be supportive.”

Mouqadas Balouch: “I think we feel supportive because we are all on our own. It’s nice to get to meet people and get to know we have a lot in common.”

Gemma Varacalli and Sherri MacEwen: “Part of a family.”

Amanda Bastedo: “Camaraderie with nurses starts in school and really continues in independent practices. As much as we are competing, we also want everyone to do well.”

Corey Akisanya: “I want to see others succeed, too.  I don’t see it as competition. If they do better than me, great. I’m happy for them!”

Lindsay Peters: “THMA Consulting makes us feel like a family. I don’t think there’s other group like this, where we have support and community.  It doesn’t feel like we are competing against each other. You feel like you can be supportive and encouraging of other people.”