Consumer Demand Creating New Business Opportunities

Consumers increasingly interested in looking good and feeling better highlight a medical aesthetics business boom in 2018 and beyond.

As a result, we anticipate a greater number of medical professionals will be considering a new career as aesthetics providers in the new year to meet that growing demand for positive-aging procedures and products.

A recent report on the Global Medical Aesthetics Market forecasts a 12.8 percent increase in the medical aesthetics technology market. The report says the worldwide market “is expected to show significant growth in the coming years due to various technological advancements and new product launches in order to improve the convenience and ease of administration of parenteral therapeutics.”

The driving factors behind this anticipated growth include technological advancements, an aging population and an “increasing consciousness among the individuals with respect to their physical appearance,” the report says.

Also trending is the growing number of women in North America who are turning to non-surgical treatments to satisfy desires for beauty enhancements.  There was a 7 percent increase in non-invasive skincare treatments and injectable fillers like Botox and Bellafill going into 2017.

We observed this trend up close at Total Health Medical Aesthetics, a clinic in Thornhill, Ont., that like THMA Consulting is owned and operated by Tracey Hotta. The past year saw a marked increase in injectable dermal fillers, most popularly for Botulinum Toxin A treatments. Facial rejuvenation treatments from light (OxyGeneo) to semi-aggressive (Micro Needling) were on the rise in 2017.

The biggest boom in non-surgical treatments has been for so-called intimacy challenges in women going through menopause or after childbirth.  DIVA laser treatment delivers an effective restoration of vaginal tissues by improving tightness and elasticity while also enhancing sensation and lubrication.

These non-invasive treatments are most popular with women aged 35-64, and more than 7-million women fit that demographic in Canada alone.

According to a study released by Allergan, more than 60 percent of these women say they are aware of the benefits of injectable treatments.  About 20 percent – or almost 1.5 million Canadian women –  would consider an aesthetic injection treatment.

The growing demand will continue to spur a growth in the industry and need for well-trained and certified medical aesthetics providers.

The consumers of these positive-aging services are also becoming aware of who they would trust to do aesthetic procedures. Recent media reports have related horror stories about people receiving botched treatments from unqualified providers or in fly-by-night underground clinics. Informed patients who know that safety is more important than discount services will actively seek out providers who are properly trained and certified.

This is an exciting time to be in the business of helping people look good and feel even better. The technology and products are excellent, and public confidence in the overall benefits of non-surgical services is ever-increasing.

At THMA Consulting, we are committed to a comprehensive training and mentoring program that gives participants a leg-up on a new career in medical aesthetics.  The professional teaching approach ensures future patients that providers who successfully complete this program are experts on the effective and safe administration of medical aesthetics procedures.

Demand creates opportunity. And to quote Benjamin Disraeli, “The secret of success in life is to be ready for opportunity when it comes.”